&haha to the readers I got with that click bait 😉 I am actually REwriting this post. This was due to be posted on Tuesday. I was having technical difficulties, and decided today would be the day…and I ended up losing the whole post. I was attempting to upload it on my new domain, that I have been working on for so long now..but alas it was a fail. But I drank a cup of coffee in hopes it would give me the energy to put away my mountain of laundry, but it didn’t. It did motivate me to get this rewritten and put on Netflix in the background! SO–where have I been? Where am I? Whats new?

There’s been lots of rumors going around that I moved back home, and one creepy app in particular had some nasty individuals speaking about me being “back home, and broken up with the Army guy.” Not sure where all that craziness got started, but I did not move home, and “Army guy” and I are still happily together. Well, in heart, not distance. But we’ll get there.

I DID GO HOME FOR A QUICK MINUTE THOUGH! It was rough timing with Jim, but I drove home for the weekend a couple weeks back with the pup for my family’s 6th Annual BBQ Reunion, and my best friend Mariah’s bridal shower! I had a blast, and also came back to Fort Drum an exhausted mess. I swear Im only now getting back to normal, and getting Cadence and I back into a good routine.

The morning of the BBQ started off a bit rough. I got into MA around 1am, after working all day, and then hopping in the car with my pup.


I headed to my brother’s house to help him out with some cooking and run errands–but the morning ended up being me stuck in tourist trap beach traffic, and then having to tend to my frantic Momma B who took Cadence to the carwash. My crazy rescue pup got a little nervous and went “cray cray” as Momma B would say, chewing on the dashboard of her brand new car, and biting at the water on the windshield. Traumatizing for Momma and Cade. But alas, after all the craziness, the show went on!

I didnt get a TON of photos (unlike me) but I was really just enjoying my time, and trying not to get to sad with all the “Where is Jimmy?” questions. Even some of the Wollinger fam, and even their super awesome neighbors, The Palen’s came by!

Cadence had a pretty overwhelming day and had to have a nice nap with baby Levi.


Later on my adorable big brother had his coworkers that were on duty come by for some food and brought all the children at the BBQ out to see the fire truck!


The night ended with lots of laughs with old friends, a couple rounds of beer pong, and this epic Momma who couldn’t let Levi who thought it was still party time, cramp her style!


The next morning was the morning of my best friend Mariah’s bridal shower!!! I am her maid of honor, and I have to say, that with the crazy distance, and mess that was planning this, us bridesmaids did a pretty banging job with the partayyy.


&Of course before Cadence and I headed home (with lots of technical difficulties..) I had to show this pup the ocean, and what she gets to look forward to every time we visit, and when we finally do get to bring her back to our home. She couldn’t stop sniffing the air. Neither could I. Miss that salt air..


But back to reality, and Cadence and I are home in Fort Drum! Had a crazy past few weeks in the office, and finally got the house picked up and things back in order this weekend. Aside from that mountain of laundry… But things are a little different in the Benson/Wollinger household….because Jimbob is DEPLOYED. Yep the D word has finally become reality and it sucks. We’re being told this shouldn’t be a long one. But I won’t say too much more in the name of OPSEC. But I can tell you, that I miss that dude like crazy. Things have been all over the place lately, but I am settling in and getting into a routine, and crazy office life/preparing to finish my bachelors has been keeping me busy. But getting into bed, and having his side be empty is not easy. This house being so quiet…is strange.

I wasn’t sure how I would do with him leaving this time. After all, the first week after he left for OSUT I was a MESS. That was our first time being separated. But I was at home, with my friends and family, in familiar territory.

But honestly…this time around I’ve been more “okay.” If that is the right way to say it. It’s scarier because I know my man is now in a dangerous place. But..I’m holding it together. Not crying in my room and thinking the world is ending, and all that teenage angsty stuff. Because life goes on. Living on post has given me the opportunity to be surrounded by all of these Army families. Might not be my family…but it’s inspiring to see all of these families, with small children keep on going, when their husbands and wives are deployed. Because if my Dad taught me anything, it’s that life does go on. Whether you chose to be present or not. &This time, I chose to be okay. Because my life will continue to move. I will continue to hustle and build my own career, and take care of my baby Cade. &Hold the fort down until my handsome man is back by my side farting and stinking the place out, and making strange noises, and whistling the Hunger Games whistle when he’s hungry.

So here’s to all the military families KILLIN it with keeping it together when life hands you orders.


Until next time.


“Im gonna put my body first, and love me so hard till it hurts….gonna love myself and I don’t need anybody else.”–Hailee Steinfeld (This song is my jam)



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Bridesmaid Make Up

Hey there!

So…on Saturday September 26th, my boyfriend’s younger sister, and my best friend, Karla, and her (now husband) Robert got married! I have to say, watching her and her fiancĂ© Rob say their vows, was so heartwarming. I am so happy for both of them:-)

the kiss

So! For the big day, to save some money (and thank GOD because my wallet was stolen right before the dinner rehearsal!) I decided to do my own make up. I got A LOT of compliments! I’m not make up artist/professional, and I’m sure there are a lot of professionals out there who would look at my work, and cringe. haha Everything I know, I learned from watching endless YouTube videos. But I just thought I would share with you the products (99% drugstore!) I used to achieve this look!

Bridesmaid Make Up

*I apologize for how bright the exposure is in the photo! I was trying to get better lightening in front of the window, but now you can’t really see the contouring!*

I started off with Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional primer to ensure my make up lasted the whole wedding!

For my liquid foundation I use Cover Girl’s TruBlend, in i1. The lightest tone. Before their little “liquid foundation make over” I was in the shade ivory.

tru blend

I blend that out with my Beauty Blender. Which is absolutely a holy grail product of mine.

For concealer I used the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, which I have to say–isn’t my go to. I’m more of a fan of their Age Rewind. But this most definitely lasted through out the day, and provided great coverage. I was coming down with a cold–so my under eyes weren’t looking so hot.

&For bronzer, blush & highlight I used the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette. The “Native” one. It’s an absolutely beautiful palette. Normally a little pricier than I like to pay for make up..but it’s so highly pigmented, a little goes a long way–so it should last a while.

Urban Decay

&To keep it all in place I used another holy grail drugstore product. L’Oreal’s True Match, in the lightest shade.

tru match

Oh! These are the brushes I use. (A Christmas gift from Jimmy!)

For the brows, I always go for Anastasia’s Brow Wiz in caramel.

For the eyes, I did a gold smokey eye. I used a random palette that my Mom gave me from a store in the mall, Francesca’s.

I didn’t want too dramatic of a winged eyeliner. &I did want to keep my makeup basic and neutral, where I was a bridesmaid–so I just did a small wing to lift the eyes. I used a new eyeliner I grabbed at Walgreen’s; The Master Graphic’s by Maybelline. (I swear this post isn’t sponsored by them! I guess I just really like their products!!!) I LOVE this liner. The color is such a deep black. The felt tip makes it glide on so easily and it lasts FOREVER. I have a hard time washing it off!


&For lashes…I decided to do a false. NOW–I need your help here. I haven’t worn falsies since my dancing school days–and back then I used some super crazy long dramatic ones, and I need some suggestions on everyday ones. I ran to Target after the rehearsal dinner, and all they had were some lashes by ELF. Normally I love their products, but I should’ve known that $1 lashes wouldn’t stay on for too long. By the time we ate dinner at the reception, I was tearing them off, and applying some mascara.

ELF lashes

&For the finishing touches I did a berry lip, and I finished with a setting spray by Urban Decay!


What is your go to make up look for big events?

&What falsies do you recommend for everyday wear!?

“…and they lived happily ever after..”


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OPI Nail Polish Review

Hey guys!

This is just going to be a quick little post today–as I have 101 things to get done, before my boyfriend’s little sister Karla, and her fiancĂ© Rob say “I do!”


So, two weeks ago, I went to get my usual fill and polish change. I really wanted to do something toned down, where I’m going to get a French today, for the wedding, and then we all know I’ll be diving into the Fall purples, and then reds for Winter.

I decided to try a nude by OPI. My nail tech has always warned me about the OPI colors and how they sometimes change color after they dry, and take FOREVER to dry. She was always right about the drying part. But, even though I’m more of an Essie girl, any OPI colors I’ve tried, have never been a problem.

I ended up using No Bees Please by OPI.

OPI No Bees Please

At first, I thought the color came out GORGEOUS. I got my nails a little shorter than I normally do. I love long nails. (Not crazy long, but ya know..) It was a pretty nude/lightish pink. I unfortunately don’t have my usual photo of the mani I take in my car after. But, you can see the thumb in this Snap:


Now, although I know it has been two weeks, and by the very end, my nails always be lookin’ a bit funky; they have turned a yellow…icky color. I really don’t even know how else to explain it. But it’s just NOT CUTE.

I promise it took everything I had to even post a photo, but here’s what it looks like:


I’ve been hiding my hands, and working in a bank, its what my customers see. That’s one of the reasons I like to keep my nails looking nice. Thank God I’m going to get my wedding nails done today.

Let me know if you guys have ever used this nail polish, or have another brand of nude you suggest!

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend everyone.

“I believe in manicures. I believe in over dressing. I believe in primping, leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls, are the prettiest. I believe that tomorrow is another day..and I believe in miracles.”- Audrey Hepburn


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