&haha to the readers I got with that click bait ūüėČ I am actually REwriting this post. This was due to be posted on Tuesday. I was having technical difficulties, and decided today would be the day…and I ended up losing the whole post. I was attempting to upload it on my new domain, that I have been working on for so long now..but alas it was a fail. But I drank a cup of coffee in hopes it would give me the energy to put away my mountain of laundry, but it didn’t. It did motivate me to get this rewritten and put on Netflix in the background! SO–where have I been? Where am I? Whats new?

There’s been lots of rumors going around that I moved back home, and one creepy app in particular had some nasty individuals speaking about me being “back home, and broken up with the Army guy.” Not sure where all that craziness got started, but I did not move home, and “Army guy” and I are still happily together. Well, in heart, not distance. But we’ll get there.

I DID GO HOME FOR A QUICK MINUTE THOUGH! It was rough timing with Jim, but I drove home for the weekend a couple weeks back with the pup for my family’s 6th Annual BBQ Reunion, and my best friend Mariah’s bridal shower! I had a blast, and also came back to Fort Drum an exhausted mess. I swear Im only now getting back to normal, and getting Cadence and I back into a good routine.

The morning of the BBQ started off a bit rough. I got into MA around 1am, after working all day, and then hopping in the car with my pup.


I headed to my brother’s house to help him out with some cooking and run errands–but the morning ended up being me stuck in tourist trap beach traffic, and then having to tend to my frantic Momma B who took Cadence to the carwash. My crazy rescue pup got a little nervous and went “cray cray” as Momma B would say, chewing on the dashboard of her brand new car, and biting at the water on the windshield. Traumatizing for Momma and Cade. But alas, after all the craziness, the show went on!

I didnt get a TON of photos (unlike me) but I was really just enjoying my time, and trying not to get to sad with all the “Where is Jimmy?” questions. Even some of the Wollinger fam, and even their super awesome neighbors, The Palen’s came by!

Cadence had a pretty overwhelming day and had to have a nice nap with baby Levi.


Later on my adorable big brother had his coworkers that were on duty come by for some food and brought all the children at the BBQ out to see the fire truck!


The night ended with lots of laughs with old friends, a couple rounds of beer pong, and this epic Momma who couldn’t let Levi who thought it was still party time, cramp her style!


The next morning was the morning of my best friend Mariah’s bridal shower!!! I am her maid of honor, and I have to say, that with the crazy distance, and mess that was planning this, us bridesmaids did a pretty banging job with the partayyy.


&Of course before Cadence and I headed home (with lots of technical difficulties..) I had to show this pup the ocean, and what she gets to look forward to every time we visit, and when we finally do get to bring her back to our home. She couldn’t stop sniffing the air. Neither could I. Miss that salt air..


But back to reality, and Cadence and I are home in Fort Drum! Had a crazy past few weeks in the office, and finally got the house picked up and things back in order this weekend. Aside from that mountain of laundry… But things are a little different in the Benson/Wollinger household….because Jimbob is DEPLOYED. Yep the D word has finally become reality and it sucks. We’re being told this shouldn’t be a long one. But I won’t say too much more in the name of OPSEC. But I can tell you, that I miss that dude like crazy. Things have been all over the place lately, but I am settling in and getting into a routine, and crazy office life/preparing to finish my bachelors has been keeping me busy. But getting into bed, and having his side be empty is not easy. This house being so quiet…is strange.

I wasn’t sure how I would do with him leaving this time. After all, the first week after he left for OSUT I was a MESS. That was our first time being separated. But I was at home, with my friends and family, in familiar territory.

But honestly…this time around I’ve been more “okay.” If that is the right way to say it. It’s scarier because I know my man is now in a dangerous place. But..I’m holding it together. Not crying in my room and thinking the world is ending, and all that teenage angsty stuff. Because life goes on. Living on post has given me the opportunity to be surrounded by all of these Army families. Might not be my family…but it’s inspiring to see all of these families, with small children keep on going, when their husbands and wives are deployed. Because if my Dad taught me anything, it’s that life does go on. Whether you chose to be present or not. &This time, I chose to be okay. Because my life will continue to move. I will continue to hustle and build my own career, and take care of my baby Cade. &Hold the fort down until my handsome man is back by my side farting and stinking the place out, and making strange noises, and whistling the Hunger Games whistle when he’s hungry.

So here’s to all the military families KILLIN it with keeping it together when life hands you orders.


Until next time.


“Im gonna put my body first, and love me so hard till it hurts….gonna love myself and I don’t need anybody else.”–Hailee Steinfeld (This song is my jam)



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What I’ve Been Up To/Rambles

Hi guys.


Things have been pretty mundane in the Benson/Wollinger household. But I haven’t blogged in a while, and I felt inspired to write. So, I apologize if this post becomes wordy, all over the place and maybe a semi recap/spill my guts session.

So, lets start with the recap…here’s what I’ve been up to:

Jim and I went back to my home town a couple of weekends ago for my Uncle Jim’s service. That service has a whole lot to do with things that have been running through my mind lately, but we’ll get there later. I didnt take too many photos while in my hometown, but we had a really good time spending the day with my brother and old friends out on the boat. Made some memories I certainly will never forget.


Before we headed back on Sunday, we took Jim’s Dad out to breakfast for Father’s Day, at our favorite spot, Red’s in Salem, MA. His little brother Andrew, sisters Karla and Amber and brother in law Rob were there too, so obviously we had to do a photo shoot.


THEN, my BFF Caroline who is the best person ever introduced us to the North Country’s version of a beach. Wasn’t half bad…still no comparison to the beaches back home….but the “lake beach” off Lake Ontario was pretty awesome. Any day is a good day when Caroline and the little dude are involved. ‚̧


Jim’s sisters, and brother and law made a surprise visit too just for a night last weekend! We had SO MUCH FUN. We had a family dinner together, with our friend Sean as well–Jim and I were freaking out we were so excited…we’ve never had that many people at our table. Jimbo may or may not have been our “DJ” for the night while we had drinks and played Cards Against Humanity…. and this is actually the only picture I got of the entire trip….caption it in the comments:


Sunday we went to Old Forge! For those of you who don’t know what/where that is–it’s a beautiful place in Upstate NY….basically what I imagined it would be like when I moved up here…but alas…you have to go about an hour and a half from post to see the true beauty of this place. We drove up jamming out to some classic rap songs until we lost service..and once we finally got there (Jimmy yells at me for not following the GPS….this kid took us like 20 min out of the way…don’t let him tell you any different..) we stopped for lunch at Walt’s Diner. We didn’t have too much planned, so we just walked around all the shops, and acted like the tourists we are. ¬†I definitely got a cute little ice-cream shaped treat for my pup in honor of National Ice Cream Day! I actually didn’t have any ice-cream though! ūüė¶


The banker side of me got REAL excited when seeing the Life is Good store had an old vault…though they did fill it with Crocs…haha


OH! That brings me to this! One last thing to catch you up on…..drum roll please….(for those of you that follow me on ANY social media, you already know)…BUT, let’s give an official blog fam welcome to CADENCE WOLLINGER!


Don’t mind my pants covered in fur..we had JUST picked her up, so the cats in the humane society were all OVER ME.¬†


We have been searching and searching for months for our forever pup, and we rescued this sweet girl from the Steven Swan Humane Society in Utica, NY. Her name was Candy (not quite sure if that was her name originally) and she was lovingly renamed Cadence. She has acclimated to the name very well…and as some of you know, back home we have a family dog named Lola..


She’s on the left, that sweetie on the right was her pup Cadence….so it was a tribute to her, as well as a tribute to our love for the US military. ‚̧ Cadence is a boxer mix, and she was a boney wreck when we got her. She had kennel cough and her nipples were basically dragging on the floor. We think she may have been used as a breeding machine, and dumped at the shelter…but she is in her happy forever home now..and boy does she feel it!


Ok…now that you’re caught up on some of the goings on around here…ramble time. I’ve had so much on my mind lately. So many things are coming up in my life that are pretty exciting/scary/just all the emotions. Some of those things include me going back to school at night to finish up my bachelors….that’s super exciting to me, but scary, because it’s going to be a lot with working full time, but ya gotta do what you gotta do as an adult–I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again! ūüôā My best friend Mariah has her wedding coming up, and I’m her Maid of Honor–so we’ve got lots of planning, and bridal showering, and things to get done before I fly to Savannah in December. THAT being said, there has been a lot going on personally that have been weighing on my mind. I won’t go into too much detail, but I can tell you that its making my heart hurt. I’ve seen some people I love recently just do things and say things…that just aren’t ok. It’s hard growing up and thinking that the world is one way, and believing in people so much, only to have your eyes opened to realize that people you thought you knew…aren’t who you thought they were. True, genuine, kind, loyal people, family members, aren’t very common. &The ones that are, need to be cherished. When I love you, as a family member, as a friend, as a significant other–I love with everything. I was raised that way. I love you with all my might, defend you till the end, but let you know when you are wrong, and expect you to do the same for me.¬†Every big moment in your life, is a big moment in mine. Since my Grandpy and my Uncle’s passing…it’s been way too much. Because you see…Grandpy and Uncle Jim were two of those people that I loved so fiercely. &Seeing others agendas play out during a time of grieving is hard. But it’s a part of life, and another thing I’ve learned in this crazy journey as a 20 something. Life is short, spend time with those you love, celebrate the happiness, and smile through the darkness.

That’s all for now. &If you made it all this way…thank you for letting me ramble. I needed this writing session more than you could imagine. &I promise to get back to happy blogging. I’ve had enough moping around for a lifetime.


“You and your girlfriends need to stop calling each other ‘bi*ch,’ there is enough hate in this world, you young ladies don’t need to be talking like that.”-My Daddy



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Walnut and Apple Coffee Cake

Hello everyone!

Welcome to, or welcome back to my blog! I’m really excited to be sharing my first recipe post! As you know from my Fall Favorites post, I’ve been loving all things Fall. I’ve already whipped out the plaid,¬†my blanket scarfs and my tall boots. I’ve been¬†dawning my purple hues of lipstick….and…wait¬†for it…..I WENT IN FOR THE KILL AND DYED MY HAIR!!! If you’ve been following me on Insta, Twitter, or are friends with me on Facebook, you’ve seen the selfies. But here is another:

Brown hair

If you’re ever in the North Shore area of MA, you’ve got to stop by Valarie’s Hair Studio on Pine Street in Danvers. She is incredible at what she does, affordable, and she never fails to remind me, that she’s in the beauty industry to make me look beautiful. ūüôā

Alright! Now that I’ve shown off yet another selfie of my dark locks…lets get into the real purpose of this article. After apple picking, at Russell Orchards, I really was in the mood to bake. I just wanted to fill Jim’s parents house with delicious smells, and have something super yummy to eat. After searching on Pinterest for something other than apple pie, or apple crisp, I came across an article from¬†and off to work I went!

So, there’s three parts¬†to the ingredients list. There are ingredients for the physical cake, the topping, and the icing. Don’t confuse them (like I did!!!) and put the wrong amounts into the wrong bowls!


INGREDIENTS FOR CAKE: *I used a greased bundt cake mold to bake it in.

1/4 cup of oil

1 egg

1/2 cup of milk

1 1/2 cups of flour

3/4 cups of sugar (you can replace this with Stevia or honey if you’d like)

2 teaspoons of baking powder

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of vanilla

*I used some super cheap Dollar Tree vanilla, and it tasted great!

3/4 cups of chopped apples

*I used Courtland that I had picked up at the orchard


1/2 cup of brown sugar

2 tablespoons of flour

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

*I used an entire tablespoon…..I like cinnamon. ūüôā

2 tablespoons of melted butter

1/2 cup of walnuts

*I did a whole cup…oops


(I had no idea this would really make icing, and I was geeking out!)

3/4 cups of powdered sugar

1 tablespoon of milk

*Add larger portions for more icing


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Mix together from the cake ingredients list, the flour, sugar*, baking powder and salt.

In a separate bowl mix the oil, egg, vanilla and milk.

Add the dry ingredients to the wet mixture.

Add the chopped apples, and pour into the greased bundt cake mold.

Jimmy chopping apples

Jimmy took over when it came time to chop. He said I was doing it wrong…oops.

In another small bowl mix together all ingredients for the topping. Then sprinkle it evenly over the cake mixture, and press some of it into the middle of the batter.

Bake it for 25 minutes, or until the toothpick comes out clean.

While it’s baking, mix together the icing ingredients, using as much or as little as you need.

Once the cake has cooled a little, pour the icing on, and enjoy!


What should I bake next!? Tweet me ideas!

Be my friend!

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“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature has been saving up all year for it’s grand finale.”-Lauren DeStefano


Fall Favorites&NYFW Dreaming

 Hello everyone!!!!

Happy Fall!’s not officially Fall (Autumn) until the 23rd..I’m already in Fall mode. I’ve had my PSL addiction kick in, and I’m loving Starbucks’ new recipe. I’m going to use this blog post to talk about a few of my FAVORITE Fall things. So..lets get started



  1. Well, I’ll skip talking about my PSL fav, since I already went over that; with a little soy milk and no whipped.. A serious Fall must have or favorite for my wardrobe, would be SCARFS. SCARFS SCARFS SCARFS. I love them. ¬†Blanket scarfs are my new thing. I love how you can wear them a million different ways..and they really just dress up simple outfits like a pair of leggings and a t shirt. I just got this beauty Saturday, from Forever 21.
  2. Of course, in typical¬†basic girl fashion…I love to burn candles, all year round. But this time of year, two of my favs from Bath and Body works are Pumpkin, and Buttercream Icing. YASSSSSSSS.

Favorite Candle

3. Deep purple lipsticks are an absolute favorite of mine as well. Obviously red is my favorite color to rock. But I try to retire my shades of red for a month or two during the Fall, and be a little bold with the purples. My two favs are MAC’s Antique Velvet, and of course Maybelline’s burgundy blush.¬†I’m a broke college kid, so I’m all about the dupes, and drug store products that work like they’re high end. Maybelline’s new Color Sensational Line–Creamy Mattes seriously are competition to matte lipsticks from NARZ, MAC and Urban Decay. They last forever, and are so highly pigmented.

4. ARMY GREEN. There are so many beautiful colors out there for your Fall Wardrobe, but a favorite of mine, has been Army Green. I just picked up this really cute t shirt from Forever 21, and just want to buy absolutely everything in this color.

5. Living in New England, Fall is kind of our thing. There are so many things to do around this time of year. &A huge favorite for me, is going to Russell’s Orchard in Ipswich, MA. It’s been a tradition to go pick apples there, and a pumpkin ever year since I was a baby. You can make a whole day of it. We love to go visit the farm animals, especially their famous pig, Darryl! Take a hay ride out to the apples, and look for the best ones for baking. &Once we head back, I love stopping in the barn to grab some fresh apple cider donuts, hot apple cider, and the apple cider ice¬†pops are to die for on Indian Summer days. Before we leave, we usually pick a pumpkin from the patch, and take a traditional photo in front of the red tractor..then head home to bake a pie, and carve our pumpkins!

6. Which brings me to…baking! Baking in the Fall and Winter is one of my favorite things to do. I haven’t quite perfected my cooking skills, but I’m most definitely an awesome baker. I just love the way it makes your house smell so warm and cozy, and I find it so fun to experiment with new recipes I find on Pinterest. Keep an eye out for some of my baking ideas that will be posted soon!

7. I have fashion on the brain since its NYFW and my life is considerably dull since I am not there. So, next up, are leather and utility jackets. Obviously I’m a Forever 21 junkie, and my faux leather jacket I got a while back is an absolute staple this time of year. But, what I REALLY REALLY want, is something like this: (&DUH, its in Army green…)

Army Green Utility Jacket

8. Brunette hues. I feel like everyone¬†goes a shade darker in the Fall/Winter. Gone is the sun kissed¬†hair and skin;¬†I’ve always been a blonde…okay that’s a lie. haha I was actually born with black hair, but it grew out (literally, it looked like my parents dyed my infant hair) to¬†a golden blonde! Eventually it turned into a nice mousy dirty blonde color. But ever since was about 15-16, I’ve had my hair many shades of blonde. Thrice I have ventured into the darker world of being a brunette. The first time was a major fail, and I was a ginger..and the last two times, I loved it! I’m feeling some much needed change in my life, and what better to start with, than the hair! Of course I’m going to Queen B for color inspo. I’m looking to do something, Blair Waldorf inspired!;) Keep up with me on Insta for photos!


9. Again, I live in a kick a** area, and there is just SO many things one can do in the Fall. One of the best things ever, is the Topsfield Fair. ¬†Any of my friends, or readers from my area know how exciting it is! If you’re ever in the area¬†around this time of year, its a MUST. There are carnival rides, farm animals, concerts, (I met Boys¬†Like Girls there¬†when¬†I was¬†about 16! NEVER¬†FORGET)¬†monster truck shows, you can ride a camel, or even an elephant if you fancy..hold a baby chick, watch them hatch in the incubator, watch pigs race, buy some fresh produce. AND THE FAIR FOOD. FOOD FOOD FOOD. I mean, the choices are unlimited. There are¬†classic fair favorites, like fried dough. &They have fresh squeezed lemonade, turkey legs, fried Oreo’s (YEP) I’ll just stick to my tradition of grabbing a free corn dog at the end of the night with Dylie B ūüėČ

10. You guessed it! Another fashion fav in honor of NYFW! Fall means back to school. &Since I’m a bag lady, it most defiantly means lots of messenger bags and backpacks. My go to purse this time of year is a brown faux leather messenger bag. I got it at Icing maybe five years ago, so I couldn’t link you to it..but here is something similar. Icing has some seriously cute and affordable accessories. &I can surely attest to their bags lasting over time with lots of wear and tear. I’m not one to spend a ton on a designer purse. Although I drool over Michael Kors, I just can’t. So Icing is my place! I’m loving that the vintage backpacks with the leather belt straps an draw strings are back. Of course, my fav is this one from Amazon, in…you guessed it! Army green.

Follow me! I live a super exciting life. (FALSE)

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“Each moment of your life is a picture which you’ve never seen before, and you will never see again. So enjoy life. Make each moment beautiful.”

DIY Concert Poster&Starbucks Lovers Costume!!!

Hi there friends!

I’m finally posting a DIY! Living such a busy life, between a full time job, full time school, and time spent with friends and family, I hardly ever have the time to do one of my favorite things; DIY and crafting. I really want to make this blog a lifestyle one. One that includes all things all people can relate to. After all, that’s the best part of social media, connecting with others! I love to write about my life, my travels, hair, make up and fashion, and DIY! But after starting this blog, I got a little busy, and put it on the back burner. I LOVE writing, and connecting with those who have read my blog, and are kind enough to DM me on Instagram and tell me what they think. I truly want to make this priority.

Anyway, enough rambling.

SO-I will apologize in advance for the lack of photos. I went to AC Moore a few weeks before the 1989 World Tour in Foxboro, MA and planned on taking my time with these projects and documenting them. But a few Twisted Teas later, my cousin Dylan and I finished the entire costume. haha

A little explanation; Jim and I went to the Taylor Swift Concert this past July. You can read about it here.¬†A lot of people like to wear costumes to Taylor’s concerts, and after dressing up, and meeting Taylor at Club Red, I had to take it to the next level when I went this year with Jim. You can use these for the tour if you go, or the costumes can always be used for Halloween, or any costume party, and the poster can be used with pretty much any lettering, for concerts, and other events!


(If you don’t get the inside joke on why we did this, you can read my previous post!)


First things first, for the “caramel Frappuccino” costume. I looked up some DIY Starbucks costume ideas, and this was the one I based my idea off of.

I bought a pop up laundry basket for the “cup.”


I couldn’t find one that had handles long enough to hold it up, so I bought some caramel colored suspenders from Walmart.¬†&I cut out the whole bottom of the basket off¬†so I could wear it.

For the caramel color and the “whipped cream” I picked up some tan and white felt from AC Moore.


I took the giant sheet of this color, and wrapped it around the laundry basket, to measure the amount needed, and just cut off what I didn’t with scissors. I then put hot glue on the top and bottom edges of the felt, and the crease where both ends meet to wrap around the basket. &For the “whipped cream” I used a circle shaped stencil to cut out pieces of the white felt, and as the blogger who inspired this instructed; I folded the circle in half twice to create a sort of ripple, for the effect of whipped cream! I had a hard time getting them to hot glue to the edge of the inside of the basket, where it was so heavy folded in half. I recommend, hot gluing the folds together,¬†and possibly using something¬†like safety pins¬†to keep the pieces on the basket. (Or you could sew them on if you’re super talented!)¬†I most definitely got like 5th degree burns on my thumb that night. Maybe it was the Twisted Teas…maybe it was my clumsiness, with the glue gun..¬†who really knows?

For the Starbucks logo, I just got the image off Google, and blew it up on my computer. After printing and cutting it out, I just hot glued it to my costume.


A tip though; it rained before the concert began, and I wish I had laminated the logos, because they got pretty crinkled and discolored.

On the back of the “cup” I wanted to make it as authentic as possible, so I put the boxes where they check off syrup, milk, decaf, and what have you. I also wrote, Taylor’s name on the cup. As Starbucks is notorious for messing up names, I put, Taylor, then crossed it out, Tailor, and crossed it out and decided on Becky. If you’re a Swiftie, you get this one.

To write on the cup I used a Sharpie Paint Pen. You can purchase this at pretty much any craft store.

image1  image1 image2

The straw headband was pretty simple. I wanted to use a plastic headband, but I couldn’t find a green one in stores, and didn’t have time to order one online, but it ended up that a cloth one was even better, where it’s so flexible!


I just used a paper towel roll, and some green foam material that I wrapped around the paper towel roll and hot glued everything together!

So, that’s pretty much it for my costume. Jimmy’s was pretty simple as well. We ordered an actual Starbucks uniform off eBay, but a green apron and hat would do as well. I hot glued a “Starbucks Lovers” logo to the apron, and wrote some of our favorite lyrics on the apron with the Sharpie Paint Pen. He wore some khaki shorts (not pants¬†where it was so hot out)¬†and a polo, to mimic the uniform.



If you bought floor seats to the 1989 World Tour, you’ll want to see my warning in my last post. But, this can be done on any size board, and good for any concert, or event! I don’t have tons of photos from this project, and I’m terrible at explaining things…which makes this a terrible blog…………but anyways….moving on…

I bought a large white foam board. Where this is a light up poster, foam board is the way to go, as it hold the lights much better. Searching for the lights was a bit of a hassle. I looked EVERYWHERE online, and was looking for something like, these.¬†But I’m so weird with things I order online. I didn’t trust that they would get here in time, or that they would be exactly what I wanted. Therefore, I dragged my cousin Dylan, and Jim to 800 different stores. They never fail to entertain though.
I ended up picking up some battery/solar powered LED lights from the Christmas Tree Shop, that were meant for outdoor umbrellas, and they were perfect! I have to say, the customer service there was incredible. The woman who helped me, took a good 20 minutes searching and not giving up until we found something that worked for me. It was refreshing to have such a positive experience when shopping.


I also was referencing a YouTube video¬†on how to make the poster. This person used a Martha Stewart Screw Punch, for the holes to stick the lights in, and I didn’t. I felt like $30 something dollars was too much to spend for something I may only use once. But I soon regretted that decision. After using some pretty scrapbook paper in sparkly silver, shiny red, and green–and some stencils to cut out the lettering…I hot glued them on, as well as another little “Starbucks Lovers” logo on the bottom. I then went ahead, knowing the number of lights I had, and with¬†a regular Sharpie, I planned out where I wanted to punch the holes.

For the¬†holes….I¬†didn’t realize how thick the foam board was, and once I did, I thought–maybe I’d use Jimmy’s drill on a low power mode, and with a small drill bit–but I was too afraid of ruining the board, so instead I¬†took the¬†drill bit, and just shoved it through the board, by hand,¬†and in the¬†process, ripped my thumb apart.


After spending a few hours pushing all the lights through. I finished. I kept the board facing down by our living room window, so the solar panels could get some sunlight for a few days, and once we got to the concert, I tapped the battery packs to the empty spaces on the back of the board.

&Viola! You there you have it! My first DIY post!

I hope you all enjoyed, and if you have any suggestions on my next little project, leave them in the comments!

PS-I was looking through the locations of my viewers this morning, and I saw that I HAVE A READER FROM IRELAND! That is so amazing!!! It is my absolute dream to travel there, it just seems so beautiful, like a dream in photos…HELLO TO YOU IN IRELAND!!!! &Hello to all my readers! I’m so happy, no matter the number to have anyone read what I write. I really love writing. I may not be the absolute best blogger out there, and there are far more pretty, and much better written ones then mine, but I do feel truly blessed for those of you who enjoy what I put out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you all more than I love Chipotle and red lipstick.

Be my friend?

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