That One Time I Went to Montreal…

Hello again friends!



That’s right–IM BLONDE AGAIN! My friends say I look like I’m 16 again, and my Mom basically cried because I remind her of when I was a little girl. I’m digging it... 😉

Happy Tuesday!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted! I have so much to catch you up on, you might hate me with how much I am going to be posting in the near future. I have so many adventures to catch you guys up on! I’m so happy it’s finally summer and the spring semester is over. I fully intended on making the most of this nice weather here at Drum, exploring, taking little trips, and I want to totally revamp this blog to share everything with you guys! I will first throw it all the way back to March, when Momma B and I went into Montreal!


CANADA! It’s crazy to think, that since the move to Fort Drum, I’m literally about 20-30 minutes from the Canadian border. So many friends are always like, “NY!? That’s awesome! You must visit this city so often!” But unfortunately no…NYC is further from good ol’ Drum than it is from Boston….

But if you read my last post you know that my Momma came up to visit me for a week, and then we ventured off to Montreal for a quick weekend trip! My Mom is one of my favorite people to travel with, and is most definitely the person who gave me the wanderlust bug. She’s traveled all over to places like France, and Iceland (BY HERSELF might I add) Momma B is a bada$$.


After work on Friday night, Momma and I said our goodbyes to Cadence, who had my best friend Anna coming to get her. (Thank you 100 times over again for watching her Miss. Anna! I know she had a blast with Apollo and Ares!) Grabbed some quick dinner at McDonald’s–ya know, getting in our last bit of MERICA–and headed into Canada!


3 ½ hours of gabbing, and trying to figure out the conversion from miles to kilometers, before realizing my car had them on the speedometer later, and we made it to our beautiful hotel! We stayed at the Omni Mont Royal. This hotel is part of the same chain of hotels, as the beautiful and historic Omni Parker House, Jim and I stayed at in Boston the night we got engaged, and BOY they never disappoint. We were greeted with the sweetest bellhop, who said “Bonjour madames!” 🙂 I was eating it up.

After dropping our bags off in the room, we headed downstairs and grabbed some drinks, at Alice Bar and chatted. Jim called to check in from Louisiana, and I was really hyping up Montreal. Just from our little drive through downtown, I was in love. The apartments had crazy architecture, with these CRAZY long metal stairs and colorful doors!


Photo from



The next morning we hung out in our robes, before heading down to breakfast at the Le Petit Opus Cafe. The cafe was even just so beautiful. I wish I had taken more photos of it. Beautiful white marble everywhere, with amazing gold accents. &Of course the breakfast was INCREDIBLE! All my French words from high school were coming back to me. Ms. Finacey would be so proud.



After fueling up for the day with croissants and fruit, we were ready to adventure around the city!


We explored the cobblestone streets of the city, and found ourselves at our first incredible stop of the day, Notre Dame Basilica.


If you ever make it to Montreal, this church is an absolute MUST SEE. I won’t bore my non-history buff readers too much, or spoil it too much for those wanderlust readers like me, who want to explore on their own, but a little background; The original Notre Dame Basilica was built as a small chapel in 1672. By the 1800s, it was too small for the number of attendees, and thus began the construction of the incredible structure we see today. The church is easily identifiable by the amazing twin towers on the outside, but the breathtaking architecture on the inside is what got me. AND as our speaker reminded us, they have NO affiliation with Notre Dame in France. They are not the “fake Notre Dame” or the “Canadian Notre Dame.” Sorry not sorry for the plethora of photos. LOL They do not do any justice to just how incredible this place really is.


Look at the detail in that woodwork ^ It is INSANE.img_3105img_3122

We also hit up the Montreal Biodome. It’s basically a SUPER cool zoo/indoor rainforest. Of course, because phones stink, my phone kept dying from the humidity while we finished our adventuring around the city and at the Biodome. I did get a few photos. But I am so excited to say I finally got a fancy new camera! Still figuring out how to use it, but it’ll be nice to have some higher quality photos for the blog!


As you can see, Uggs were not the best choice of footwear in a melting city.

Once we got back to the hotel, we relaxed, headed to the hot tub, and totally hogged it from these teenage boys who wanted to hop in. Then we headed back upstairs and got some room service. It was so nice having this fun experience with my Momma, hanging out  with her, and exploring Montreal. This summer, we plan on making our way to the Canada again to visit Niagara! I absolutely can not wait, and really want to adventure around Toronto. I have a ton of cool spots I want to hit up while we’re there. If you’ve ever been, please comment and let me know what are must sees, and must eats! 🙂



I’m so sorry again for being MIA! I was so swamped with finals, and then just enjoying the last couple weeks not being in school, I totally neglected the blog.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer so far!



“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag



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