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I’ve been away from the blog for a bit–but Im back! I’ve got lots of posts coming this week to get y’all (sorry, I’ve been down south for a bit…) to get you guys WICKED caught up. haha

SO–this post is about my road trip to Savannah! My Mom and I went on a trip together down south, in her Nissan Rogue and lets just say it was quite the adventure..

I don’t have tons of road trip pics from the first leg of this trip, because things got a little stressful. We started off the morning great. Left on a Sunday at 4am–stopped to grab Dunkins and filled the tank, and got on the road. We were making great time. By around 1pm, we were already down in Richmond VA….when all of a sudden–Mom is trying to get some sleep in the backseat, and I notice that the RPM gage is going all the way up to 5000 out of nowhere and the car is making a terrible winding sound. So–we pull over, and immediately panic sets in. Its a Sunday (aka nothing is open, especially in the south) we’re two women on the road, and one of us *cough cough Momma B* is a real panicky human being.

I shut the car off, turned it back on, pushed on the gas pedal–and NOTHIN. So Mom really starts panicking at this point. I called friends and family asking what to do, and duh da da daaaaaa!!!! One of my best ladies Jill, and her husband–who have the same exact Rogue (color and everything) ask me if I possibly pressed the over drive button! Its the little button right on the side of the shifter.


Sorry about the crumbs….lol Apparently its a pointless piece of technology and Rogues are known for having an issue with it. So, I shut that off, shut the car off and let it cool down for a bit–and then we were good to go! Thanks Mike and Jill for saving our trip!

Although…we were a bit frazzled from it all. So, Mom and I stopped for the night at a super fancy shmancy hotel, and I swear to you, I took a 2 hour long shower. I just couldn’t get enough of it, and the water pressure and unlimited heated water, and ugh. It was amazing after such a stressful day.


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The next morning, we were back on the road and finally got to Savannah. Mom and I stayed on Hunter Army Airfield, and I have to say–the IHG Army Hotel on base was nice and clean and well maintained. It was rainy and cold our first night there, so we headed to the very touristy, and much recommended by my coworkers…Paula Dean restaurant–Lady and Son’s. All I gotta say is BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER.


We opted for the buffet option. &I of course got my sweet tea fix. There isn’t really REAL “sweet tea” up north. I mean, we have unsweetened iced tea we add sugar to, and McDonald’s version. But Im telling you–that tea with PERFECTION. I must’ve drank my weight in it.


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Mom and I both got a little of everything.


Fried chicken, (of course) mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cheesy meatloaf (a little cold…) cold slaw, and corn bread–with actual pieces of corn in it. Am I the only one who as never seen that before? All in all the food was good. Super heavy though. I could’ve rolled out of that restaurant.

The next morning before heading out to tour around Savannah–me, being the New England girl I am, had to go stop at Dunkies. I TOTALLY forgot the serious difference in peoples attitudes between the north and the south. The service is seriously MUCH slower. Everyone noticed it, it wasn’t just me. Up north life is always hustle, hustle hustle. So its a change. BUT–Im telling you, the people are just so kind. People know how to use their manners, and are cordial. The young man at Dunkins was a little taken aback by my Mom’s rush in placing her order–and probably her accent too. haha &He said to her, “Slow down ma’am, Im just gonna pour your coffee first. I know I can’t get through my morning with out my coffee. How are y’all doing this morning? Its very cold out there!” (It was actually pretty chilly, even for us.) But seriously!? I try saying “good morning, how are you” to the workers at my local Dunks, and Im lucky if I get a, “Yup, heah yah go. Have a good one.”

Mom and I took a trolly tour around Savannah, and saw some pretty cool things. There is so much rich history and culture to Savannah. There were so many squares, named after people. The buildings so beautifully crafted, the colors, and the architecture take your breath away. &I NEVER knew how much art influence there was in Savannah. Home of SCAD, the private art university, first opened in 1978 with only 71 students, and is now the university of choice for over 11,000. They have other campuses located in Atlanta, France and even HONG KONG!


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We stopped at a local cafe called Goose Feathers, and the food was delicious. I had the honey ginger chicken sandwich, and some fresh fruit. After all the fast food on the trip, and the heavy southern food at Lady and Sons this was refreshing. The bread was perfection and surprisingly not super heavy, and the ginger chicken was really different. But delicious. Super affordable, quick place to grab a bite to eat, and plenty of room to sit down. &I swear they play up the southern charm when they hear our Kennedy accents; my mom asking for a small hot regulah. The gentleman who took our plates out of the way said, “Y’all have a blessed day, and y’all ladies come back now.” I wonder if southerners get super excited to hear locals in the Boston area talk, and be supah rude to them? haha


After heading out for our next leg of the trip, Momma B and I met up with a friend of mine, Mariah and her 4 month old baby, Levi James. It was our first time meeting him, and I WAS IN LOVE. He is such a little man! I am so so soooo happy for my little Momma, who’s wedding to Mr Spencer is this coming October! Mariah, you are so blessed. ❤


We had a fantastic time, and I truly wish we had more time to explore, and had some warmer weather. I definitely want to go back with Momma B–this time on a flight, and renting a car. haha

Talk to you all real soon! HAPPY MONDAY!


“Traveling-it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”-Ibn Battuta

PS-If you got the reference from the title, you’re awesome.

PPS–RANDOM BOOK SUGGESTION; All The Rage by Courtney Summers READ IT

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