Catch Up Post/Holiday Block Leave Recap

HELLO! HOLA! BONJOUR!!! Man..I need my brows done..


OH MY GOD HIIIIIIII friends! How are you all!?

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, or Hanukah or Kwanza or whatever you celebrate! &A wonderful New Year. I know I did…because JIMMY CAME HOMEEEEE!!! I’m going to upload some fun videos from when I first saw him and when we surprised his Mom and wrapped him in a giant gift box, so be sure to follow me on Insta to seeee!

So, apologizing in advance for HOW LONG this post is going to be–but I’m gonna catch you all up to speed….so with out further delay….here we go!!

So, after 74 days..Jimbo FINALLY came home. Running to him in South Station was like something out of a fairy tale. I always knew how much Jim and I loved each other, and I knew this would be hard, but I didn’t know HOW HARD it would be. We went from living together and being together 24/7 to not seeing each other and having very minimal contact. But I’m telling you the love letters were what kept me going we both LITERALLY wrote every single day. Jim couldn’t write as much some days, but even if it was a few words written after lights out with his flashlight, he did it. know I had to make the corny Pinterest inspired sign!


Both of us kept saying all day long that we felt like we were in a dream. Probably from lack of sleep due to excitement…we were both in a fog all day. We tried laying low at my Mom’s house before heading over to surprise Jim’s parents! We definitely got them!


Jim was in that box^^^^ Videos to follow on INSTA!

For Jim’s Christmas gift I splurged on a few nights at the Omni Parker House. Jimbo is a HUGE history buff, so I figured bringing him to one of the oldest continuously  operating hotels in the country would be amazing! The hotel where Charles Dickens read a Christmas Carol, where Ulysses S. Grant, Franklin Roosevelt and even BABE RUTH stayed. It’s even rumored to be haunted..


ALSO the Boston cream pie was invented here! (My Dad’s fav dessert) So naturally we had to try some!


ALSO ALSO ALSOOOOOOO Jim and I got engaged!!!!!!!

***Story time*** Jimmy and I LOVE walking through Boston Common, and every time we get over by Frog Pond, he would fake propose to me, and SCREAM, “she said yes!!!” until everyone in the vicinity would stare. Basically he loves to embarrass me in we went for another walk after settling in at the hotel in our favorite area, and Jim had been acting weird all night. I figured he was just having a hard time settling back into home life after being at OSUT. But nope….he was trying to hold in his excitement! He and I were standing in the gazebo in Boston Common, and he was hugging me as we were admiring our beautiful city at night with all the twinkling lights from the skyscrapers and Christmas decor, when I heard Jimmy saying, “Autumn, Autumn….Autumn turn around..” and there he was, down on one knee. To say I cried was an understatement. I’m one of those girls who dreamed of this moment my entire life. &Its just even more incredible to me that THIS MAN, the most kind hearted, sincere, goofy man I had every met, wanted me…forever. The only thing that would’ve made that moment better, would have been the ability to call my Dad to tell him the news. But I knew he was watching.


After the initial shock, and a few FaceTime calls to my best girl friends….we weren’t sure how to celebrate. &Then Jim knew. In the only way we know how of course. By slipping into the fancy robes at the hotel, and being the incredibly CLASSY folk we are, and ordering Domino’s in order to avoid the astronomical charge of room service…and of course, banging out the wedding episodes of The Office.



After our little stay in Boston we headed home..but not with out a pit stop to buy a new car!!

(Man did I just WIN at ending 2015 or what!?)

Guys…meet Poison Ivy 🙂


The next few days were filled with Christmas celebrations that felt like Easter with the 65 degree weather..and Mikey’s 9th birthday celebrations.

I did have to go back to work while Jim was home…but not before grabbing a quick engagement shoot with my AMAZINGLY talented friend, Gerri Mazzeo. Here is a little sneak peak..more to come!


Getting through the work week was crazy hard knowing Jimmy was home. But things felt like they were back to normal when we snuck in a  little mid week date night to Chipotle and the movies. Also..tired my first Icee, and OH MY GOD WAS I MISSING OUT


So..Holiday Block Leave has come and gone and the countdown to graduation has began. I can honestly say this time around didn’t seem as hard as the first time around. The unknown was a little scary back then. But its still not easy. When Jim isn’t around, I feel like my life is in limbo. I feel like, even though life goes on, and I’m happy, and doing happy fun things, I’m just…waiting. Waiting to see my other half. &Its not fun. Weekends are good because they are filled with friends and plans..but weeknights like tonight can get a little lonely. For me I just wake up, go to work, come home and try to relax before heading to bed. But the silence is deafening sometimes. I genuinely feel that couples with a spouse in the military are so incredibly strong. Spending time apart isn’t easy. Its not something that is normal, or something I think you ever really “get used to.” It’s just something you deal with. But this experience can only make us or break us. &I know it will do nothing but make us stronger.

&In the meantime, I have my pretty ring as a reminder;) haha


This past weekend was CRAZY fun. I went out to Storyville in Boston to celebrate Jim’s oldest sister’s birthday. We danced and laughed all night long and somehow ended up at iHop at 3am. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a million times over…Jim has the best family. I love them like they’re my family, and I feel like his sisters are my best friends. I am so blessed. ❤ I hope you had the happiest of birthday’s Amber.


I’m really excited to see how 2016 changes my life. I have a lot of huge decisions coming up regarding my education, my relationship, my blog…I just have a lot I want to pack into these next short 12 months. Being in your starts to really fly by at light speed. These are the years we sort it all out. We can be selfish, and do crazy things at insane hours of the night…and travel..and watch everyone around us hit these amazing milestones in life. I intend to try to make it all slow down, think about what I REALLY want out of this year..out of this life..and run for it. ❤


That’s all for now. I love you all more than I love blanket scarves and penguins. Here’s to 2016.

“This above all: to thine own self, be true.”– William Shakespeare


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PS-If you’re ever in the North Shore MA area, and want to get professional photos done, contact Gerri Mazzeo! I will link her Facebook and website below!:-)


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