No Blue Cheese Buffalo Chicken Dip!

Hey guys!

Happy freezing Tuesday!! Woke up to 7 degrees this AM…

 I know I promised this recipe a while back, but like I said–I was crazy busy with the honey being home, and took a little break from blogging–but here it is just in time for the play offs and the SUPER BOWL PARTIES! Go Patriots!


****Stay tuned for a holiday block leave recap!****


So, I was scouring the internet a while back for a buffalo chicken dip recipe  sans blue cheese, because Jim isn’t a fan. &This one was pretty good, although I would have and will, modify a few things next time, and I’ll let you know as we go along.




-2 8oz packages of cream cheese

-1 cup of ranch dressing

-3/4 (or more depending on how hot ya like it!) of red hot sauce

-one 10 oz canned chicken drained OR equivalent amount of rotisserie chicken, or fresh, cut up chicken

-shredded cheddar cheese



1) Beat cream cheese, ranch dressing and red hot sauce in a bowl

2) Add chicken–I used the canned chicken because I had to whip this up quick before the ugly sweater party!


3) Spread mixture into a greases pan

4) Bake at 350 for 15 minutes

5) Add cheese on top –I used cheddar, but I would recommend using mozzarella instead, as the cheddar was a bit sticky

6) Bake for an additional 15 minutes

7) Serve hot and ENJOY!


Happy playoff season everyone!

“People who love to eat, are always the best people.”-Julia Child


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