Ugly Sweater Weekend Recap

Hello beauties!

How was everyone’s weekend? I feel like Monday has been my official posting day for the month of December. Alsooooo SUNDAY WAS TAYLOR’S BIRTHDAY YOU GUYSSSSSSSS. 


So..I sometimes feel that I dread getting through weekends with out Jim. Weekdays are a little easier because they’re filled with work, meetings, homework and whatever else needs to get done. I’m always going, going, going. &Most weekends I fill with plans with family and friends. But sometimes, during the holidays its hard to make plans, so I end up hanging around my room a little too much. But I actually had an incredibly fun weekend!

Friday night I went to Target for make up wipes and concealer, and like all trips to Target, that’s not all I walked out with. But, tis a good thing, as I ended up wandering around the mall and got some Christmas shopping done! Once I got home, I figured the bathroom needed cleaning….and I spent the rest of my Friday jamming’ out to some Christmas music and inhaling the lovely fumes of bleach. I’m the Monica Geller of the group.

Monica Geller Clean

I also found this meme while scrolling through Facebook, that definitely defines my life recently….


My Saturday was actually a lot more exciting! Saturday was the Wollinger Ugly Sweater Party!!! I had, so, so, SOOOO much fun at this party. Jim’s fam never disappoints. There was so much food, and laughing, and love. I’ve never felt so much love in one building. Jimmy truly has given me a second family, and I couldn’t be more blessed.





I also made a really simple cheesy buffalo chicken dip, and I’ll share that recipe later this week…I tried something new, and wasn’t sure how it would go over, but everyone gobbled it right up!


I’m telling you, there is never a dull moment with this family. I LOVE ever single one of them, but Nana Jan has a special place in my heart.


The winner of the ugly sweater contest went HANDS DOWN to one of the Wollinger cousins who walked in with a sweater covered in pictures of Karla, Jim’s younger sister stating…”You said ugly sweater.”


Sunday I couldn’t pry myself out of bed until 11, but ended up running to the mall shortly after, and grabbing the LAST of my Christmas gifts. (Now I just gotta get to wrapping!) and went to see Suffragette. It was AMAZING. &Reminded me of the incredible strength and power us women have when we band together. That movie was so powerful, and the suffragette movement is so inspiring. Always fight for what you believe in.


Later on Sunday night I spent some time with my two favorite forms of birth control, Jim’s little brothers. We made popcorn in my fancy new popcorn bowl (the ones that you put the kernels straight in the bowl) and watched another Christmas movie. Well, not so much watched as, made a mess with popcorn, jumped all over the bed, argued about pillow forts, and made me Google facts about cavemen, and football scores. Gotta love little boys.


So…instead of leaving you with the usual inspirational quote, I wanted to share this post, I shared on all of my other social media.

I’ve seen so much nastiness just out of left field the last few days from so many women. Women need to be strong, and raise each other up. Being nasty, does nothing but project negative energy on your part. You’re hurting no one but yourself, and your own reputation. Learn to take the high road ladies. &Lift each other up. Wonderful things happen when we are kind and support one another. #girlpower



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