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So–per usual, my morning routine always consists of laying in bed for a few, scrolling through social media and catching up on my favorite blogs…and the other morning I saw this blog post by Taralynn. She teamed up with the Kathy Davis brand to promote an Instagram campaign…and basically it’s all about creating a life you love. (Read Taraynn’s post to get more detail on the actual campaign.) So, I was ALL excited about this, bc I thought it was super sweet, and really thought provoking for me, and as I was about to post an Instagram pic, I decided I actually loved the topic so much, that I would post about it! I’m sorry if this gets a little winded, but I really just think this is a good time of year, when we all know how crazy and busy we can all get…between holiday parties, finals, work obligations and all the craziness this season brings, to sit down, and really reflect.

I think the coolest part of “adulting” is the excitement of building the life you always dreamed of. Both Kathy and Taralynn talk about how everyone should take the time to make sure they do the things they truly enjoy in life. Sometimes, and especially this time of year, so many people get caught up in the day to day, they forget to breathe, and make time for what they love. So many people have passions that get put on the back burner of life, and you always wonder what if? I know it’s hard. Believe me, if I had the luxury of pursuing my passions full time instead of working over 40 hours a week to provide myself with not only the necessities, but also my education, I WOULD. But sometimes you just can’t get away from the obligations. But today, I want to take a moment, and reflect on the life I have created for myself thus far. The things I cherish, and that make 22 so awesome.

BLOGGING After I stopped dancing, I never thought I would find anything else that I was SOOO passionate about outside of my career. Something that would be a fun and creative outlet for me. But after realizing, how much I love people, writing and reading others blogs, it dawned on me. Lord only knows where this blog could take me. But even if it only stays a tiny little blog, with a small but strong following, I will never stop writing and connecting with others. I absolutely love hearing from my readers, and coming up with new ideas to post. &I actually have a really, REALLY awesome project coming up after the holidays that I’m working on with an amazing young woman that I am SO excited about. I love this blog. I love the fun little recipe posts, the serious life talks I have with you guys… Being able to have the opportunity to connect with people and work on content for everyone to see is something I truly enjoy in life, and I vow, no matter how crazy life gets, I will never stop typing.


CAREER GOALS My goal in life is to educate youth. It took me a log time to settle down on a path..and realize that others opinions, and MONEY isn’t the only thing that matters in life. The journey through college has been long and financially frustrating thus far. Having to work full time to get myself through this all, hasn’t been easy, but LORD has it been rewarding. I understand so much more than many of my peers. I truly value my opportunity to be educated, understand the value of hard work, and I never take a single opportunity for granted. I am so passionate about working with children… watching them grow and absorb everything in their lives…this is bound to be a beautiful journey.



My FAMILY Now, seeing this as something I cherish, and believe I created for myself, you might be thinking..”but don’t pick your family?” Well, it’s been a struggle, but after seeing countless people breeze in and out of my life at their convenience, and seeing how blood family members can sometimes treat you like strangers…I believe I have built a family for myself. One that consists of some blood and some not. Family is such an important part of my life. It is number one in my book. Family means respect, love and never turning your back. The people I chose to surround myself with, and who chose to keep their bond with me solid–with open communication, and unconditional love, make me feel stronger, happier, and whole. I love each and every one of you. Thank YOU for making my life a happy, joyful journey.


JIM. You all knew this one was coming. But I chose to mention him, because…before Jim I went down a dark road in my dating life. I didn’t know what a healthy relationship was, and I certainly didnt know true happiness. Jimmy has opened my heart. He has shown me how to see the very best in people, but also guided me in the right direction, of not giving out trust and respect to those who don’t deserve it. He has given me a second family. He makes me more driven to succeed. He makes me laugh. He makes me…me. I am, 100% wholeheartedly myself with him. I have never felt this way before. I could never let go of my demons. &I have never felt, before meeting Jim, that I was strong enough to say…I don’t NEED Jimmy. I want him. I chose to have him be a part of my life. One of the BEST parts of my life &That says a hell of a lot. I love you Jimbo. Thank you for choosing me, when trying to create the life YOU love.


So, I’m going to ask YOU GUYS…and please don’t be shy…to post on Instagram, how you’re creating a life you love. Be sure to tag @kathydavisbrand and #createalifeyoulove and of course, tag ME @autumn_benson! I want to know!!

You are all beautiful souls, and help me create a life I love. Thank you for reading ❤

“Happiness isn’t something you postpone for the future. It is something you design for the present.” -Jim Robin



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4 thoughts on “Creating Happiness

  1. ooraheverafter says:

    I feel like you’re reading my mind with a lot of those!! I’ve been reading alot about creating a life you love and how your happiness is up to what YOU choose. It’s SO amazing how your mindset can change once you start thinking more positive!!

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