One Month Down

Hey guysss

So, today marks 31 days since Jim left for basic training. &I got another letter today!!! A quick one, because he apparently had to go write the soldier’s creed down 50 times (sounds like loads of fun) but that’s my Jimmy. He makes sure to take the time even if he jots down a few words every single day.


In these last 31 days, when I say I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, thats the understatement of the year. I work full time, I’m in school for elementary education/child psychology, and I volunteer within my community at least once a week, so to say I “keep busy” is an understatement. But my personal life has been a bit frazzled.

I write him every day, and he writes me, but so far, in the cross hairs of mail land, he hasn’t received my letters.

So, Im newly OBSESSED with another blog, by the lovely Keating. I actually reached out to her via email right after Jim left, and she was the sweetest. I LOVE the way she formats her little “check up” posts. It totally covers the bases, so that’s how I’m gonna go about this post!

How I’m feeling…..

I’m doing A LOT better. The first week and a half was INCREDIBLY rough. I seriously didn’t think Id take this so hard. Especially with how busy I am…but it was rough. After Jim and I left our apartment a month before he left, we stayed with his family, and it was decided that when he went to basic, I would move back home into the in law apartment down stairs and try to help out with my 85 year old grandfather. I won’t go super into detail, because some things are meant to stay private; but through all the stress with trying to help an older gentleman with dementia, get my homework done, stay on track with my health goals, and stay sane with out Jimmy, I felt the healthiest choice for me is to move out of the apartment with him. I will always care for and love my grandfather, but it’s the best decision for me, and sometimes, it’s ok to put yourself first. Like the flight attendants tell you, “put the oxygen mask on yourself first, because if you can’t breathe, you can’t help those beside you.” Other than that little personal disaster, I’m okay. I’m okay, because I know Jim is okay. &I’m staying strong and positive not only to keep him strong and positive through out this process, but because that is who I am. Its who my Father taught me to be from a very young age. Always make lemonade with the lemons.



Aside from my little fiasco with grandpa, I’ve been having a lot of fun with my friends and family! I’ve been spending time with the Wollinger fam. I hung out with his sisters a couple times, some quality time with my big brother Kyle and I had a TON of fun on Halloween with two of my girls. The night had a little hiccup, but I did feel blessed to be in the presence of both of these lovely ladies on October 31st.




Juggling work and school has always been a struggle. I work full time at a very time consuming job, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I understand the value of money, and have gained life skills some of  my peers won’t experience for another couple years. This semester has been a tad trying. I was going back and fourth about taking a semester off while Jim was in basic, and taking some time for myself to figure out my next chapter, but I just can’t get enough of school. 🙂 But this semester….I’m learning all about the Common Core math system, and I. HATE. IT. I have to learn to embrace it, because although, ,I will do everything in my power to help change the education system for the better, and enrich the minds of the littles, Common Core is a part of the deal as of the moment, and I need to learn that even though 5 x 3 is the same as 3 x 5, were looking for the child to show us 5 GROUPS OF 3. Lord give me strength.


Blog Life….

My blog has definitely been lacking exciting posts recently, but with everything that has been going on in my personal life, I just haven’t had it in me to be productive. I have to say, I have some seriously loyal readers, and a lot of new comers….so welcome to my extraordinarily, ordinary life! 🙂 &I’m impressed by my stats when I check in every few days. Feel free to chat with me through the social medias, and say hello!! Writing is such an awesome outlet for me, and I’m so excited to see that you all ACTUALLY care what I have to say!! Love yousssss.

I’ve always liked to hear bad news before good news, so I’ll start with that…

The bad….

-Obviously the situation with my grandfather…I pray that God will take good care of him, and I will do as much as I can to continue caring for him.

-Friends who don’t understand. Who think that me showing how proud I am, or respecting military means that I’m turning into some type of stereotype.

-I’ve been feeling a little under the weather the last few days…and not having Jim to comfort me hasn’t been easy.

The good….

-The love letters are beautiful. Any time I’m feeling down I just grab one of the many letters I’ve received from Jim, and reread, and my whole day turns around.

-The 21 Day Fix!! I’ve been doing really well with this program, my water intake is back to normal, and feel extremely good. I feel stronger, I have more energy, and feel like my nutrition is getting back to where it was before Jim and I got serious. (Yes, I’m talking about the countless midnight trips to drive thrus we took…)

-Work!! I have to say, I love my job. I love where I work, the people I work with and what I do. I feel really good about the position I am in now, and am the best at what I do, and I am SO prepared for the yearly reviews.

-Milestones. Through this whole thing, it feels like life has been a constant count down. Counting down since Jim left, (30 days ago!!!) Counting down the days till he comes home (learned about OPSEC and I will not blab!) and counting the milestones that await us! Like graduations, (from basic, and college pretty soon for me!) anniversaries, and lots and lots of exciting decisions to be made, and adventures to be had.

-LEVI JAMES My best friend Mariah gave birth to my honorary nephew, Levi James October 30, 2015 at 9:57am. At 6lbs 3oz and 20 inches he stole my heart. I am so blessed to be considered an Auntie to this sweet boy, and I am so happy for my girl Mariah. You are already such an incredible Mother to Levi. I am so proud of you, beautiful. I sent along a photo to Jim, and I can promise you, he’ll be in tears just like I was. ❤




Welp guysss, thats all for now. I love every single one of you more than I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, and The Office. MWAH!

“Some people create their own storms, then get mad when it rains.”


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