Food Diary//21 Day Fix

Hey guyssssss 

Its been a pretty mundane week for me. I just didn’t get a ton done. I had a super important test to take this week, so I was keeping my focus on that, and just doing my thing. ALSOOO I started the 21 Day Fix again! Last time, I was NOT successful. I was super stressed, because Jimmy was about to leave..and we were just spending tons of time together eating comfort foods…so..yeah.

For those of you who don’t know–the 21 Day Fix is a program by the company Beach Body. I found out about it through one of my favorite IGers, yourgirldoesworkout. Click her name, to check out her page for some incredible motivation!

Basically the 21 Day Fix, is NOT  a quick fix, as it sounded to me. It’s a way of learning the proper portions, getting s kick start into a healthy lifestyle and getting your workouts in with 30 minute HIIT Which is PERFECT for someone who has a busy schedule like me.

So, Im a pretty picky person…and the food diary you’re about to see/hear, might not be for you. Also…*disclaimer* I am not a professional, a dietitian, or anything like that. I am just a normal woman, trying to get her health in check, and showing you what I eat. If you have any suggestions not insults, please feel free to comment below. Nastiness WILL be deleted! Positive vibes only. 🙂

This post is not sponsored by Beach Body, I am just showing you guys to give you an inside look into my day on the 21 Day Fix.


Breakfast I started my morning off, after completing the full body cardio workout, with a red container of egg whites, and a purple container full of some chopped of fruits.

egg whites

Snack For a morning snack, I went for some whole grain bread (one yellow container), with my two TSPS of almond butter.


Lunch For lunch, I had some baked chicken breast,(red container) that I made with my salt free seasoning (not 21 Day Fix approved, but it’s better than some of the sodium filled seasonings out there), and a little olive oil, on top of a big salad (2 green containers) of mixed greens, spinach, kale, carrots, onions, peppers, and tomatoes  &An orange container of non 21 Day Fix approved Newman’s balsamic


Snack For my afternoon snack, I went for some yummy raw almonds, (blue container) and an apple.(purple container) 🙂

Dinner &For supper, which I actually took some photos of…because I decided this would make for an okay blog post….haha I had another chicken breast with that seasoning, (red container) some mixed veggies (green container) and brown rice. (yellow container)


So, there it is! My pretty bland food diary on the 21 Day Fix. Here is to success in kickstarting getting myself back into a healthy lifestyle, for the right reasons. I’m thinking of making a bulk amount of 21 Day Fix approved, taco salad for my lunches next week…if so–keep your eyes out for a recipe!

I love you all!

“Love your body…its the place you have to live in.”


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