Sunday Morning Catching Up

Hellooooo there!

It’s been quite a week for me, and I have a little catching up to do with you guys–so I’m sorry if this gets a little winded! Currently I’m puppy sitting my brother’s dog Lola, and just relaxing in the quiet, catching up on some Teen Mom 2. haha (Told you I loved reality TV.)



SOO…lets see..last Friday, I went to Chipotle, did some shopping at Target and went to see Crimson Peak with my girls, Marissa and Niki. Crimson Peak was pretty good. Definitely not scary, but a super interesting story, and worth seeing.


While at Target, I saw a new make up display–Pixi by Petra. I’ve never heard of it before, and the color swatches I took on my hands were beautifully pigmented, so I’m definitely going to try some products. But it was a little gross that the testers didn’t have any cotton swabs, or Q Tips or anything to try it out with, and someone dipped their fingers in….gross.



Last Saturday I got to spend some time with Jim’s fam. His sisters and I marathoned some Halloween classics and pigged out on home made brownies, and Jim’s sister, husband and I took one of his little brothers bowling, and we had a BLAST.



(He said, “I like this one, send it to Jimmy!”)

Sunday I headed to my brothers house to watch the “Deflate Gate” revenge game Pats vs Colts. It was a pretty big deal around here. I’m not a huge football fan…BUTTT Jimmy called while I was there! I saw the random phone number and KNEW it was him. I kid you not, I ran face first into my brother’s bedroom door and burst into tears upon hearing his voice. He told me he would be able to use his phone for the next few days, as he was kept in reception (the in processing phase of basic training) for an extra week. It was an AMAZING few days being able to talk on the phone for a few hours at night, and even FaceTime!! It really gave my anxious mind some peace. We’re back to no contact other than letters as he is finally off to basic, but I feel like my mind is a lot more at peace, and I can focus on work and school and my every day routine since we’ve talked.


I do apologize if any of you were gripping your seats waiting for the DIY posts I had planned! (I doubt you were) but after full days of work, doing homework, and anticipating the calls, I just couldn’t put my heart into putting together a post. But I do promise to get back on track with my normal blogging schedule!!

Last night my co worker and friend went with me to a Masquerade Ball at the Turner Hill Mansion in Ipswich, MA. It was incredibly beautiful. The detail in the architecture of the building was amazing. Unfortunately my friend and I were so exhausted, that we didn’t stay long. Just enough to raid the buffet, and explore the beautiful mansion, (There were literally secret passage ways. I can’t imagine how incredible a wedding would be there.)


SC: autumn_benson13

Today I planned on getting a bunch of errands done, but I am just so wiped out. I got my oil changed, and went and spoiled myself with a fill and a pedi, and headed over to my brothers to just relax. Thank you to my favorite ladies at Colorful Nails for treating me like a princess, and making me feel like one of your friends ❤



I got home today to another letter from Jim and a package I was extremely excited about!!! I gave my backpack to Jim to take to basic, so I was in need of a bag for work and school, so I ordered a handmade bag from the Military Couture shop on Etsy! It came out awesome. I don’t know why, being the type of person I am I hadn’t gotten on the Etsy bandwagon sooner, but I definitely will now. Having one of a kind pieces that someone took the time to hand craft, and helping someone to launch a business they work so hard for is amazing to me. I love that there are such cute, small little things out there that I can have to show my love and support to my man, and his selfless commitment to serve our country. (Can you tell how proud I am!?)


I’m super excited about tomorrow. Sundays, are my favorite days. Its the one day a week I have off, and its just a day to spend time with family, relax and prepare myself for the week ahead. Tomorrow, weather permitting–I’m heading up to Jim’s home town with his family, to see their Halloween parade, I’ll for sure share some cute photos. I LOVE spending time with his little brothers. They are truly such lights in my life. The energy those littles bring is enough to turn any bad day around.

Well…now that you’re all caught up with my extraordinarily exciting life…throw out some ideas for me about what to blog about!

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.“-Liz Taylor


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