The “Blogmopolitan” Quiz

Hello blog word!

So, it’s only been nine full days with out Jim, and I’m already a mess missing him. So, last night I reached out to some of the mothers, wives, and girlfriends of others who are currently training with him. &One of them creeped on my blog (thank you thank you...), and suggested I do this quiz! All of you ladies (and gents) who read Cosmo or other magazines of the type, have seen the little quizzes that they have the person on the cover do. &I haven’t really done a super good “About Me” post, and I promise I’m going to work on that. As a new blogger, I know a lot of people don’t know me, and I get a lot of clicks on my home page, so I know you’re trying to find out!! I promise I will fix that up soon, and I also have a few DIY posts planned for the upcoming week, but I would like some suggestions!! The best thing ever is when people not only take the time to read my mundane blog, but reach out to me and tell me they like it, and throw out suggestions! So–go ahead! Email, text, or FB message (if you know me personally) Tweet, IG message, comment…do the social media things, and let me know what you wanna hear! 🙂

Okay…we’re just gonna type this quiz out because I can NOT figure out how to get the template on here. (IM IN MAJOR NEED OF HELP LEARNING TECHNOLOGY.)


Autumn. Yes my name is literally Autumn. I was born in November, and my Dad liked the name. 🙂



 I never had nicknames before, but I have a few now. There is “Autty” “Bensonator” “B-Son” (only my friend Alex calls me that) Jim’s fav “Autty Big Boobs” (I know…) and my fav, is my nickname from Siri:


Meaning behind blog name?

So, in my Freshman year of high school, I had a biology teacher (one of my favorite people in the world) who would sing to me every time I came into class, or when he saw me in the hallway, “My life will be…forever autumn..” I have no idea who the song is by. So, if you recognize the lyrics, let me know! &The 13 is my Dad’s lucky number. ❤

I know it’s a little weird but…

I eat my toast upside down. Like, butter facing tongue. I know, I have problems.

If you pulled up next to me at a stoplight you’d see me belting out the lyrics to… 

Any Taylor Swift song. I have her albums on repeat 25/7 (I know I put 25) Like, seriously, the entire 1989 word tour happens in my Yaris.


My biggest guilty pleasure…

Most definitely reality TV. I know it’s bad for my brain. I know that it’s not an art like acting. I know I should be ashamed. But I can’t stop. Kardashian’s, Teen Mom, Real Housewives. It’s an illness.

teen mom

You’ll never see me…

You’ll never see me totally drunk walking around with my shoes off leaving the club at 2am. Just not my thing. I’ve been out two times since I turned 21 almost a year ago. Once was for ONE drink on Jim’s 21st, (and Jim drank 98% of it) and the other time I went to a few mellow bars in Somerville with Jim and his sister. I’d much rather be at home baking cookies, and binge watching The Office.

One thing that always cheers me up…

Rides around the Back Shore. For those of you not from my hometown, it’s a really nice drive by two super nice beaches. &It goes all around this like cliff? I don’t know what you would call it…but it’s just open ocean, and it’s beautiful. &From the second beach you can sometimes see the Boston skyline on the horizon. I love it.


I definitely don’t get enough…

Veggies…or exercise. I need to work on that big time..

The beauty product I can not live with out…

Can’t pick one. Sorry. So, concealer, red lipstick, and my curling wand.

The quote I tend to live by…

Oh God. I have a million…I suppose a good one I’ll pick is..”Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Because you’re character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”-John Wooden

Three words I use to describe my style:

classic, chic, (with a mix of) boho.

It’s really unattractive when a guy,

There are so many unattractive things guys can do. I’m not a fan of cocky men. But a big “no no” for me is when a guy is a smoker. Just no.

I wish I could be more…

I wish I could be more relaxed. I LOVE when I can have a nice relaxing day. But with the schedule I have, I tend to over stress a bit. I pretend I’m this super chill chick…and I REALLY want to be (and used to be) but I cant stop with the #anxietyonanxiety

The best advice I’ve ever been given…

“Be kind, as it is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

My worst habit is

I’d say it’s my best and worst. I’m a serious multitasker. But sometimes it really makes my mind in a million places at once, so I can’t focus on the moment.

When no one is around, I tend to…

Talk to myself. Yep. I’m one of those people.

The super power I would like to possess in real life, is…

Flying. I would save so much money on plane tickets! Birds don’t know how good they have it..

pretty birds

If I could buy one thing right now it would be…

My dream car! (Range Rover duh…) I LOVE my car. But, it’s getting up there with the mileage. I’m gonna end up getting another Yaris. Which is fine. They’re affordable, safe, reliable, GREAT on gas, and super cute! Plus they’re Toyotas so they last forEVAH.

New Yaris

I don’t:

eat seafood. Ew.

Thank you for reading! 🙂 Please please please let me know what you wanna hear!!!

I love you all!

“There is a lot of beauty in the ordinary.”

Do the social media things….

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