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Hey friends!

I feel like I set records the other day with my views on here! I was freaking out! Super excited!!! Thank you thank you thank you, to anyone who has come to my blog once, or repeated times. It’s such a fun hobby for me&I love putting together posts I think others might like to read.  I love to write, and share things about my life, crafts, fashion, recipes, make up tips. Before I started this blog, I really needed a hobby. I used to be a dancer. &That passion filled all my time. I still long to find some where to go to hit that hardwood flooring again, and dance. I have a hard time now finding ways to work out that I actually enjoy. I never even thought about how much exercise I was getting with dancing four days a week for HOURS AND HOURS.

But! Getting off topic. BLOGGING. I love it. I love to read other blogs too! &That’s what inspired me to start my own. Bloggers are taking over the world. You can find a blog on anything–and it’s a really interesting way to see real time reports of current events, get recipes, learn make up tricks, and if you’re like me, and you’re nosey about how others live–you can get a sneak peak into a bloggers life!

I have compiled a small list of the MANY blogs I follow and love to read. Each of the writers have incredibly different writing styles, and live their lives in totally different styles, even though they all do the same thing; BLOG! So, let’s get started…..


Taralynn 3

I came across Taralynn on her Tumblr page. A lot of you may have seen her photos or know her by “the girl in the green dress.” Taralynn over came an eating disorder, and has seen both sides of the weight battle. She posts insanely good recipes, ADORABLE photos of her dogs, Tino and Grumples, and even has her own shop! I’m most definitely investing in some scarfs and table cloths from there next pay check! She is such a wonderfully, sweet, and really “real” blogger. Check out her blog to read her entire story, visit her shop and follow along with her! IM OBSESSED! 🙂 But be warned, as you will be bombarded with some seriously cute photos of her pups!!


Taralynn 2



Barefoot Blonde AKA Amber Fillerup Clark is best known for her incredible golden blonde hair. I found her on her Instagram page, and became OBSSED with her braids. I even had a few failed attempts at recreating them. (and she LIKED THE PHOTO!!!! I DIED) Amber is known for her hair, and impeccable fashion. But I’m more of a fan of her life posts. Amber has a husband, David, a son Atticus (ADORABLE) and another little on the way! &She is the cutest pregnant woman EVER. Amber has generated a lot of fame with her blog, and it’s now her life’s work. But she has stayed true to her humble self. She goes on endless AMAZING vacations, and looking at the incredible photos her husband David takes gives me SERIOUS FOMO. She is a wonderful Mom, and has a beautiful family. Her blog is GOALS. Go take a look if you don’t believe me! 😉

Next is a blog from someone near and dear to my heart.



This blog is written by my cousin Benjamin’s wife, Ashlie. I am obsessssed with her. She is an incredible writer, (I’m in the middle of reading a BOOK she’s working on) incredible Mama, book club host, wife, teacher, feminist, and all out bad a** if you ask me. But maybe I’m biased 😉 I started off reading her blog when I was in middle and high school and she and Ben we’re still dating and she was known as “Simple Girl in Massachusetts” then she was “Simple Mama” which started out as a Mommy blog, but she found it to be boring and now its “Be Your Own Lady.” A lifestyle blog to put it simply. She writes about her life, so eloquently. Her fitness journey, books to read, and just some really thought provoking topics, and I think you should go see for yourself. 🙂



I seriously stumbled upon this blog this morning after looking up some dream wedding inspo. (Don’t worry–no wedding bells coming your way yet!! But every girl can dream, right?!) &Em and Jake’s love story is just so adorable. You can tell they’re absolute best friends, and in my relationship, that is just so important. She writes mostly about her life, and shares extremely beautiful photos. Emily? I think this is the start of a beautiful blog stalking 😉 Go take a look to see if you wanna creep too!! I promise you’ll wanna!



So, when I came across this blog it was kind of a weird moment. Because I had noticed before, a lot of the style inspo I pin on my fashion boards on Pinterest is worn on the same person….that person guessed it! Jade from aspoonfulofstyle! Jade is a retired hair stylist who is now pursuing her goals in the fashion world. (and rightfully so!) She is a new Mommy to a beautiful little girl, Andi. &I promise you, she proves motherhood does NOT mean style goes out the window! &Her new short hairstyle is ADORABLE. Makes me wanna chop my hair again! Go take a look for some insane fashion inspiration!


melissa merk

Next is not only one of my favorite bloggers, but one of my favorite YouTubers as well! I have been following her years and years now, (skindeepbeautytips;) &It’s been amazing to see her evolve. Melissa is from Canada, and is just such a real person. She is building her career in so many ways. Melissa is of course a blogger and a YouTuber, and she also recently opened an online shop, Just Kingsley with her cousin Jenny! I love that when Melissa reviews products she is always very honest. She blogs about a little bit of everything, putting her in the lifestyle blogger category. &Im absolutely in love with her new pup Tika! Melissa is also super interactive with her subscribers, which is something I find to be very humble with the fame she has gained, and I LOVE it. She has chit chatted with me on social media a few times, and I still panic. 😉 But she is just the sweetest.


image1 (3)

This is another blogger I am blessed enough to know personally. Whitney!! She is my best friend Mariah’s Aunt &we met via some charity events she was running! She is one INCREDIBLY talented lady. &We both share a severe love for pineapples!!! She lives in Connecticut. She blogs about a little bit of everything, and I LOVE her “Wanna Pin Wednesdays.” &She always posts about THE CUTEST hair bows. Although I’m still not quite sure how to rock bows yet, she surely inspires me to try it out! Go over and take a look when you get a chance! Her logo is ADORBS.

So, that’s all I’ve got for now! I mean, I could go on and on with the amount of blogs I read a day. It’s really good inspiration to see other styles of writing. I love to just relax in my bed in the morning, throw on some music, and slowly wake up whilst catching up with my favorite ladies.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”- John Quincy Adams

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All of the photos in this post belong to each of the bloggers mentioned respectively.

A big thank you to Ashlie and Whitney for allowing me to mention them in this post. I felt a little awkward approaching the other bloggers before hand as I don’t know them personally. &Although I doubt any of them will ever see this post–I do hope they take it as flattery, because I absolutely respect all of you ladies, and your work!!! 🙂


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