My Boyfriend is Going to Basic//US Army

Hi every one! As I am writing this blog, it is August 28th, 2015.

I don’t know much about military life, other than what my Father told me about his experience serving in Vietnam, and seeing what my big brother Kyle went through, and reading other SO’s blogs. Jimmy has decided, in the most mature manner possible, that he wants to join the US Army. After looking into the Marines and the Coast Guard and being told he could not join either, due to their restrictions on tattoos, he was at a road block with what he wanted with his future, career wise. Both Jim and I are determined to live a happy life, with careers we love, and with the ability to have the spending power to do things that we love. We want to travel, have a beautiful home, and buy a boat someday too. We want the American Dream. Like many others…

Since Jim was little, he wanted to be in the military. But somehow, each time he looked into it, someone would talk him out of it. When Jim approached me in early August about looking into the US Army, I knew no amount of talking him out of it would change his desire to want to do this. I would never want to stop my handsome, sweet man from doing something he truly has a want to do. Although, I tend to think of the worst case scenario, that he is literally signing a contract that says he will give everything including and up to death for our country…this is something he wants. &I will have to learn not to think that way. It is so honorable that he wants to serve for our beautiful country. I envy his courage and determination. I am beyond proud. He came to me, and told me, his reasons. He believes in his civilian career, he will have a leg up. It will help us with educational assistance, and give us a chance to see the world, while we’re broke 20 somethings, with a huge itch to be wanderlust.

Watching Jim swear in on August 19th was such an emotional thing. I was lucky to have, my beautiful, but ever moody best friend Alex with me, so I kept myself from bursting into tears, and instead just had a face splitting smile, and super squinty eyes beaming with pride for my man.

image image

Right now, we have a ship date for him, as October 6th, 2015. That is only 41 days away.


Jim and I have spent but one night apart in the over a year and a half we’ve been together. &That was the night he went to MEPS. The time away will kill me, but prepare me for what I have in store for the next four years. In the next 41 days, we will spend our time packing up our first apartment on Cleveland St, moving into his parents home in Amesbury for a month, helping to prep for his sister Karla and fiancé Rob’s wedding for September 26th, with bachelor and bachelorette parties to attend, and last minute things to get done, we wont have too much time spent alone together.

I have so many questions and concerns about what I’m about to go through. I’m not good at keeping to myself with anxieties and worries. But I really need to work on not projecting them on Jimmy.

I’ll probably post a separate blog about my questions, and any “milsos” reading can give me some insight!

BIGGEST pet peeve about this experience so far; Questions from others that are totally out of left field. It’s perfectly normal to ask about what I’ll be doing, and where I’ll be living. Depending on where he’s living, I am most likely going with him. But….as someone had suggested to me, NO. I AM NOT PLANNING ON HAVING A CHILD TO FILL THE VOID OF JIMMY BEING GONE. Not only do I think this question/more like judgment just demeans all women who are married to military and chose to have babies. But it also makes something, that is such a beautiful, and private experience, seem so sinful. No, I do not plan to have a child while James is in his four years in the Army, because regardless of his career choice, I don’t want to have children before I have finished my Masters, settled in a career, traveled, get married, and hopefully am a homeowner. That’s just my personal choice. It doesn’t mean those who chose otherwise are wrong, or all military spouses have a child, just for the sake of not being alone, or to fit in with others.

BIGGEST WORRY SO FAR; Not being me. Although I am in a committed relationship, I am a very independent woman, with a strong personality, and a strong opinion. I have my own career goals, and personal goals, and I don’t want to lose myself in a world very much focused on the military member’s career. I need to work for my sanity (and of course to pay bills) and I need to finish school in a timely manner. That being said, this experience just gives me something to work for. A way to show others, not that we have anything to prove; But to allow others to be proud of my individual being, to be proud of Jimmy and his military career, and to be proud of US as a couple.

Jimmy, although you won’t see this blog until you are done training, I am very much proud of your decision. This will only make us stronger, and better. I will be counting down the days till I am beaming with pride at your graduation, and am in your arms again. Here is to a bright future of and lots of “I told you we could do this.”

Thank you for your brave decision to serve our beautiful country.

I love you, always.


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5 thoughts on “My Boyfriend is Going to Basic//US Army

  1. It’s not easy, but keep your head down and keep busy, busy, busy…! Keep a journal for those bad days where you want to scream at the world, and write him a letter each day… My time apart from my sailor has luckily flown by!! The time apart will end before you know it!! Following you on Twitter xx

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  2. I will definitely write him all the time. I’m actually kind of excited for the letters! I think journaling is a great idea too! I used to journal everyday. Thank you so much! &Thank your sailor for his service, and thank you for your sacrifice. ❤️ xo


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