Boston Fashion Week


&A special hello to my local friends! ITS BOSTON FASHION WEEK !!!! AHHHHHH! If you’ve been reading my blog–you know of my obsession with fashion, and the serious FOMO I experienced during New York Fashion Week. Alas–during BFW, I will be experiencing it once again. I have a lot to get done this week, as some big changes are happening in my personal life next week. I’m very anxious and excited and sad, and just a ball of emotions. But–let’s not get off topic. I wanna talk all things BFW.

Let’s talk history. Boston Fashion Week began in 1995, ya know–the same year Clueless was released–where NYFW began in 1943. Unlike NYFW which is super high profile and high budget, Boston is a non profit, lower budget event, that features local designers…and I THINK THATS JUST SO COOL. Another fun fact, is about the founder of BFW–Jay Calderin. He is actually from New York!


There are so many incredible events happening at the 2015 BFW. But there are three in particular that I REALLY REALLY WISH I was attending.

Tonight at 6:30 is the Powerful Women Empowering Women show where Denise Hajjar is going to show off her 2015 Fall/Winter collection, and some of Boston’s most powerful women are going to walk the runway! For those of you who don’t know who Denise Hajjar is….YOU NEED TO KNOW. Denise is from Boston, and attended The School of Fashion Design. I love hearing stories of women empowering themselves, and Denise has risen to the top, having her clothes sold in high end department stores. All her clothes are cut and sewn in Massachusetts, and she is incredibly charitable. The event tonight, is partnered with Dress for Success Boston, which provides work attire for disadvantaged women.

Denise Hajjar

October 3rd is Nightmare on Newbury Street. An event that gives local aspiring fashion designers, make up artists and those alike a chance to showcase their work in a “flash mob” street show! SO. COOL.

&An event super close to my heart, is happening (or happened?) a little ways from the busy streets of Boston, Celebrate Wearable Art, presented by the Cape Ann Museum and seARTS, and takes places in Gloucester, MA! They will be showcasing designs and having a discussion about wearable art, and it’s place in Cape Ann:-) I am a bit confused about the date though, as BFW’s website has is happening Thursday Oct 1st, and the banner below, and the Cape Ann Museum website says it already happened!!!

Wearable Art

For those of you who get to go to any of the events at Boston Fashion Week, YOU ARE THE LUCKY ONES. Boston, although 40 minutes south of my home town, it is my home city. The culture, the sports, the food and the people are among my favorite things in life. Although Boston Fashion Week may not be as large scale of an event as New York’s Fashion Week, I think the two are incomparable. Boston showcases local talent, and schools. Supporting local charities, and showing what Boston is all about. We are Boston Strong.


I love you all.:-)

“Style is a way to say who you are with out having to speak.”- Rachel Zoe


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