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I’m really on my blogging game this week guys! I had a lot of fun putting together my Fall Favorites from yesterday’s blog–a suggestion by DM on Instagram, so I hope you enjoyed!

So..I cant stop thinking about how much more exciting my life would be if I were in New York City for Fashion Week right now. Yet, instead..I’m sitting in my room, drinking ice water out of a mason jar and listening to Jim snoring…ya know what? I’ll take it. ūüôā¬†I’ve been keeping up with fashion week through various news articles, social media..and the Snap stories that give me serious FOMO. Something that I hear is actually not well liked in the fashion industry, is that bloggers, and YouTubers are taking over the audience. People are paying less and less attention to main stream media, and more and more to people that write, and report like you and I, through social media. Through what we see. I love that Gen Y has broken the mold of journalism.

Let’s talk about the “new industry.” When I was little, I was really pushed to believe that models were brainless morons, who were superhuman in their ability to stay thin, and work like puppets for the fashion industry. Now, models are becoming more and more like ambassadors for the¬†art, for their own brand. They have a voice. They show you that you can have the full package. One model I’m particularly obsessed with is Karlie Kloss.


Karlie has really just become an absolute mogul. She is so respected in my book. She has so much class, and is really someone to look up to in the industry. Karlie represents a healthy lifestyle with her posts on her social media about her exercise routine. Which really¬†takes the stigma away from¬†how we see models, and shows the intense amount of work that goes into keeping their bodies in tip top condition.¬† Karlie’s Kookies are Karlie’s¬†healthier take on¬†cookies (gluten¬†free,¬†made with almond flour and sweetened with agave)¬†that she sells and proceeds go to provide meals for children in NYC and around the world through FEED Projects. Karlie has shown a huge interest in Coding. Coding is what makes it possible for us to create websites, and apps. Women are 57% of the bachelor degree holders, but only 12% of those are in computer technology. (WHAATTT!?) ¬†Karlie did a program¬† #kodiewithkarlie that allowed girls, still in grade school,¬†with an interest in technology to learn the “art” if you will, of coding. Bridging the gap in computer technology and bringing more innovative women to the table. Karlie has also began attending the¬†prestigious¬†NYU this fall. Can you say superwoman? Click this link to see some of Karlie’s awesome looks for NYFW. (Slayy)¬†HOW SHE JUGGLES ALL THIS IS BEYOND ME. I can barely keep up with school and one full time job!

Lets talk about this amazing lady:

Madeline Stewart

This is Madeline Stuart. She is an 18 year old from Australia, and walked the runway at NYFW. Her mission in life is to change the perception of people with down syndrome. Seriously, just type her name into Google and get reading, because she is just so inspiring. Women like Madeline are what inspires me to go after my goals. She is so determined and dedicated. YOU GO GIRL.

Have you guys heard about the incredible show that designer Carrie Hammer had? She had “real women” model for her. I’m a huge fan of her line. Working at my first job¬†that doesn’t require non slip shoes¬†and a polo,¬†it’s been a struggle to learn what to wear in a professional setting, and still keep it young, and¬†non-frumpy. Carrie’s clothes are it. This year at New York Fashion¬†Week, rather than having actual¬†pros walk the runway, she had women from many different walks of the professional world¬†model her clothes! Women who looked like me! “Swapping runway models for role models.”¬†Some of the women featured include, Lizz Winstead, the co creator of The Daily Show, and Kirsten Morrissey Thiede, the Google Fiber Head of Business and Development. (Man that sounds important.)

I just can’t even with all this girl power, and change happening in the fashion industry. I’ve loved fashion all my life. &To see women like myself fitting in the world of high fashion, just makes me the giddiest little girl!!!

Let me know your favorite highlights of NYFW in the comments!

“Intelligence plus character. That’s the goal of true education.”- Martin Luther King Jr.



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