Fall Favorites&NYFW Dreaming

 Hello everyone!!!!

Happy Fall! Although..it’s not officially Fall (Autumn) until the 23rd..I’m already in Fall mode. I’ve had my PSL addiction kick in, and I’m loving Starbucks’ new recipe. I’m going to use this blog post to talk about a few of my FAVORITE Fall things. So..lets get started



  1. Well, I’ll skip talking about my PSL fav, since I already went over that; with a little soy milk and no whipped.. A serious Fall must have or favorite for my wardrobe, would be SCARFS. SCARFS SCARFS SCARFS. I love them.  Blanket scarfs are my new thing. I love how you can wear them a million different ways..and they really just dress up simple outfits like a pair of leggings and a t shirt. I just got this beauty Saturday, from Forever 21.
  2. Of course, in typical basic girl fashion…I love to burn candles, all year round. But this time of year, two of my favs from Bath and Body works are Pumpkin, and Buttercream Icing. YASSSSSSSS.

Favorite Candle

3. Deep purple lipsticks are an absolute favorite of mine as well. Obviously red is my favorite color to rock. But I try to retire my shades of red for a month or two during the Fall, and be a little bold with the purples. My two favs are MAC’s Antique Velvet, and of course Maybelline’s burgundy blush. I’m a broke college kid, so I’m all about the dupes, and drug store products that work like they’re high end. Maybelline’s new Color Sensational Line–Creamy Mattes seriously are competition to matte lipsticks from NARZ, MAC and Urban Decay. They last forever, and are so highly pigmented.

4. ARMY GREEN. There are so many beautiful colors out there for your Fall Wardrobe, but a favorite of mine, has been Army Green. I just picked up this really cute t shirt from Forever 21, and just want to buy absolutely everything in this color.

5. Living in New England, Fall is kind of our thing. There are so many things to do around this time of year. &A huge favorite for me, is going to Russell’s Orchard in Ipswich, MA. It’s been a tradition to go pick apples there, and a pumpkin ever year since I was a baby. You can make a whole day of it. We love to go visit the farm animals, especially their famous pig, Darryl! Take a hay ride out to the apples, and look for the best ones for baking. &Once we head back, I love stopping in the barn to grab some fresh apple cider donuts, hot apple cider, and the apple cider ice pops are to die for on Indian Summer days. Before we leave, we usually pick a pumpkin from the patch, and take a traditional photo in front of the red tractor..then head home to bake a pie, and carve our pumpkins!

6. Which brings me to…baking! Baking in the Fall and Winter is one of my favorite things to do. I haven’t quite perfected my cooking skills, but I’m most definitely an awesome baker. I just love the way it makes your house smell so warm and cozy, and I find it so fun to experiment with new recipes I find on Pinterest. Keep an eye out for some of my baking ideas that will be posted soon!

7. I have fashion on the brain since its NYFW and my life is considerably dull since I am not there. So, next up, are leather and utility jackets. Obviously I’m a Forever 21 junkie, and my faux leather jacket I got a while back is an absolute staple this time of year. But, what I REALLY REALLY want, is something like this: (&DUH, its in Army green…)

Army Green Utility Jacket

8. Brunette hues. I feel like everyone goes a shade darker in the Fall/Winter. Gone is the sun kissed hair and skin; I’ve always been a blonde…okay that’s a lie. haha I was actually born with black hair, but it grew out (literally, it looked like my parents dyed my infant hair) to a golden blonde! Eventually it turned into a nice mousy dirty blonde color. But ever since was about 15-16, I’ve had my hair many shades of blonde. Thrice I have ventured into the darker world of being a brunette. The first time was a major fail, and I was a ginger..and the last two times, I loved it! I’m feeling some much needed change in my life, and what better to start with, than the hair! Of course I’m going to Queen B for color inspo. I’m looking to do something, Blair Waldorf inspired!;) Keep up with me on Insta for photos!


9. Again, I live in a kick a** area, and there is just SO many things one can do in the Fall. One of the best things ever, is the Topsfield Fair.  Any of my friends, or readers from my area know how exciting it is! If you’re ever in the area around this time of year, its a MUST. There are carnival rides, farm animals, concerts, (I met Boys Like Girls there when I was about 16! NEVER FORGET) monster truck shows, you can ride a camel, or even an elephant if you fancy..hold a baby chick, watch them hatch in the incubator, watch pigs race, buy some fresh produce. AND THE FAIR FOOD. FOOD FOOD FOOD. I mean, the choices are unlimited. There are classic fair favorites, like fried dough. &They have fresh squeezed lemonade, turkey legs, fried Oreo’s (YEP) I’ll just stick to my tradition of grabbing a free corn dog at the end of the night with Dylie B 😉

10. You guessed it! Another fashion fav in honor of NYFW! Fall means back to school. &Since I’m a bag lady, it most defiantly means lots of messenger bags and backpacks. My go to purse this time of year is a brown faux leather messenger bag. I got it at Icing maybe five years ago, so I couldn’t link you to it..but here is something similar. Icing has some seriously cute and affordable accessories. &I can surely attest to their bags lasting over time with lots of wear and tear. I’m not one to spend a ton on a designer purse. Although I drool over Michael Kors, I just can’t. So Icing is my place! I’m loving that the vintage backpacks with the leather belt straps an draw strings are back. Of course, my fav is this one from Amazon, in…you guessed it! Army green.

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