DIY Concert Poster&Starbucks Lovers Costume!!!

Hi there friends!

I’m finally posting a DIY! Living such a busy life, between a full time job, full time school, and time spent with friends and family, I hardly ever have the time to do one of my favorite things; DIY and crafting. I really want to make this blog a lifestyle one. One that includes all things all people can relate to. After all, that’s the best part of social media, connecting with others! I love to write about my life, my travels, hair, make up and fashion, and DIY! But after starting this blog, I got a little busy, and put it on the back burner. I LOVE writing, and connecting with those who have read my blog, and are kind enough to DM me on Instagram and tell me what they think. I truly want to make this priority.

Anyway, enough rambling.

SO-I will apologize in advance for the lack of photos. I went to AC Moore a few weeks before the 1989 World Tour in Foxboro, MA and planned on taking my time with these projects and documenting them. But a few Twisted Teas later, my cousin Dylan and I finished the entire costume. haha

A little explanation; Jim and I went to the Taylor Swift Concert this past July. You can read about it here. A lot of people like to wear costumes to Taylor’s concerts, and after dressing up, and meeting Taylor at Club Red, I had to take it to the next level when I went this year with Jim. You can use these for the tour if you go, or the costumes can always be used for Halloween, or any costume party, and the poster can be used with pretty much any lettering, for concerts, and other events!


(If you don’t get the inside joke on why we did this, you can read my previous post!)


First things first, for the “caramel Frappuccino” costume. I looked up some DIY Starbucks costume ideas, and this was the one I based my idea off of.

I bought a pop up laundry basket for the “cup.”


I couldn’t find one that had handles long enough to hold it up, so I bought some caramel colored suspenders from Walmart. &I cut out the whole bottom of the basket off so I could wear it.

For the caramel color and the “whipped cream” I picked up some tan and white felt from AC Moore.


I took the giant sheet of this color, and wrapped it around the laundry basket, to measure the amount needed, and just cut off what I didn’t with scissors. I then put hot glue on the top and bottom edges of the felt, and the crease where both ends meet to wrap around the basket. &For the “whipped cream” I used a circle shaped stencil to cut out pieces of the white felt, and as the blogger who inspired this instructed; I folded the circle in half twice to create a sort of ripple, for the effect of whipped cream! I had a hard time getting them to hot glue to the edge of the inside of the basket, where it was so heavy folded in half. I recommend, hot gluing the folds together, and possibly using something like safety pins to keep the pieces on the basket. (Or you could sew them on if you’re super talented!) I most definitely got like 5th degree burns on my thumb that night. Maybe it was the Twisted Teas…maybe it was my clumsiness, with the glue gun.. who really knows?

For the Starbucks logo, I just got the image off Google, and blew it up on my computer. After printing and cutting it out, I just hot glued it to my costume.


A tip though; it rained before the concert began, and I wish I had laminated the logos, because they got pretty crinkled and discolored.

On the back of the “cup” I wanted to make it as authentic as possible, so I put the boxes where they check off syrup, milk, decaf, and what have you. I also wrote, Taylor’s name on the cup. As Starbucks is notorious for messing up names, I put, Taylor, then crossed it out, Tailor, and crossed it out and decided on Becky. If you’re a Swiftie, you get this one.

To write on the cup I used a Sharpie Paint Pen. You can purchase this at pretty much any craft store.

image1  image1 image2

The straw headband was pretty simple. I wanted to use a plastic headband, but I couldn’t find a green one in stores, and didn’t have time to order one online, but it ended up that a cloth one was even better, where it’s so flexible!


I just used a paper towel roll, and some green foam material that I wrapped around the paper towel roll and hot glued everything together!

So, that’s pretty much it for my costume. Jimmy’s was pretty simple as well. We ordered an actual Starbucks uniform off eBay, but a green apron and hat would do as well. I hot glued a “Starbucks Lovers” logo to the apron, and wrote some of our favorite lyrics on the apron with the Sharpie Paint Pen. He wore some khaki shorts (not pants where it was so hot out) and a polo, to mimic the uniform.



If you bought floor seats to the 1989 World Tour, you’ll want to see my warning in my last post. But, this can be done on any size board, and good for any concert, or event! I don’t have tons of photos from this project, and I’m terrible at explaining things…which makes this a terrible blog…………but anyways….moving on…

I bought a large white foam board. Where this is a light up poster, foam board is the way to go, as it hold the lights much better. Searching for the lights was a bit of a hassle. I looked EVERYWHERE online, and was looking for something like, these. But I’m so weird with things I order online. I didn’t trust that they would get here in time, or that they would be exactly what I wanted. Therefore, I dragged my cousin Dylan, and Jim to 800 different stores. They never fail to entertain though.
I ended up picking up some battery/solar powered LED lights from the Christmas Tree Shop, that were meant for outdoor umbrellas, and they were perfect! I have to say, the customer service there was incredible. The woman who helped me, took a good 20 minutes searching and not giving up until we found something that worked for me. It was refreshing to have such a positive experience when shopping.


I also was referencing a YouTube video on how to make the poster. This person used a Martha Stewart Screw Punch, for the holes to stick the lights in, and I didn’t. I felt like $30 something dollars was too much to spend for something I may only use once. But I soon regretted that decision. After using some pretty scrapbook paper in sparkly silver, shiny red, and green–and some stencils to cut out the lettering…I hot glued them on, as well as another little “Starbucks Lovers” logo on the bottom. I then went ahead, knowing the number of lights I had, and with a regular Sharpie, I planned out where I wanted to punch the holes.

For the holes….I didn’t realize how thick the foam board was, and once I did, I thought–maybe I’d use Jimmy’s drill on a low power mode, and with a small drill bit–but I was too afraid of ruining the board, so instead I took the drill bit, and just shoved it through the board, by hand, and in the process, ripped my thumb apart.


After spending a few hours pushing all the lights through. I finished. I kept the board facing down by our living room window, so the solar panels could get some sunlight for a few days, and once we got to the concert, I tapped the battery packs to the empty spaces on the back of the board.

&Viola! You there you have it! My first DIY post!

I hope you all enjoyed, and if you have any suggestions on my next little project, leave them in the comments!

PS-I was looking through the locations of my viewers this morning, and I saw that I HAVE A READER FROM IRELAND! That is so amazing!!! It is my absolute dream to travel there, it just seems so beautiful, like a dream in photos…HELLO TO YOU IN IRELAND!!!! &Hello to all my readers! I’m so happy, no matter the number to have anyone read what I write. I really love writing. I may not be the absolute best blogger out there, and there are far more pretty, and much better written ones then mine, but I do feel truly blessed for those of you who enjoy what I put out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you all more than I love Chipotle and red lipstick.

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