I Moved/March 9th/International Women’s Day

imageHELLLLOOOOOOOO EVERYONE!!! It has been far too long since I’ve taken the time to sit down and write. I’ve had A LOT LOT LOTTTT going on recently, and I want to catch everybody up!!! SO! Two weeks ago, I was at my computer, and thinking about how Jim and I were planning on moving come May. I sat down and just started a search on Zillow to think about location and pricing. I came across a BEAUTIFUL apartment that Jimmy had actually recently renovated with his work, and sent him a text asking if the landlord, (who had previously offered him a good deal on the 3rd floor, but I chickened out.) would still offer him a good deal! So, alas he did!! It’s been a shock moving out of my childhood home, and bedroom, that I’ve inhabited since I was born. But I did it!! We searched for a roommate and ended up with a friend of a friend of mine. She’s a sweet girl, and we are SO excited. We’re finally getting settled in, and into a good routine. So, once I feel we’re done decorating, and making the place home, I’ll be posting photos. Until then, follow our shenanigans on my Instagram with the hashtag #JAVPartyof3!

Today marks a significant day. It’s been four years since my dad passed. FOUR YEARS. It’s too insane to even think about. The four years I was in high school felt like an absolute eternity. For those of you who don’t know me personally, my dad was my BEST FRIEND. I never went through the “embarrassed of my parents” phase. March is all around a really tough month in the Benson family, where March 6th marks six years since my Uncle Tommy, my dad’s best friend and brother passed. Today, we had a ceremony at the VA in my hometown honoring my father and uncle and all of their achievements in the US Army during the Vietnam war. It was the smallest turnout to date, but nonetheless, made me so proud of my two guardian angels. &It of course didn’t fail to make me cry when Military Taps was played. I love you Daddy and Uncle Tommy. May you rest in peace.

Moving on to happier topics, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. This holiday was introduced to me many years ago by all different people I had met from many different cultures. The fact that the U.S is FINALLY catching on to this insanely important day, makes me incredibly happy. This day is about celebrating women, but it also brings fourth many struggles women are still facing today, with wage inequality, education, and not to mention the fact that if you Google, “women should” the first three suggestions are, “women should be slaves” “women should be seen and not heard” and “women should not work.” It’s sick. I bet you also didn’t know that March is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. This goes for both men and women alike. Although 85% of domestic abuse victims are women. One in every three women have been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her life time. Frightening statistics.

On the brighter side of this wonderful day, I would like to celebrate the women in my life, whom are influential to me in many ways.

1. My mom-For teaching my the importance of a healthy relationship and a clean house;)

2. My best friends- Marissa, Mariah, Alexandra, and Nicole for teaching me loyalty, sisterhood, and for lifting me up on my worst of days.

3. My sister Sarah-In the short amount of time since we’ve met, I’ve learned so much. I learned to be strong in the face of darkness and to laugh more. I never leave her house with out cheeks hurting from smiling too much.

4.Mother figures- My Meme, ho has never failed to show unconditional love for her family. My Nana Janice-who makes me believe in true love and that God’s love is unconditional. Michele- (Jim’s mom) who has treated me like a daughter, and shown me the ways of handling the Wollinger men. &Amber and Karla (Jim’s sisters) Amber taught me to be who you are wholeheartedly and to live for adventure &Karla, aside from getting me into one of my favorite TV shows ever (OITNB) has taught me to practice what I preach, and to be fearless with my words. &Never to let anyone push me around and always speak up.

5. &Of course, celebrating my favorite feminist and pop singer, Taylor Swift; I want to thank her for using her fame to push the envelope with feminism, for teaching women and girls class and poise.

Well, it felt really good to write, and now that we’re getting wifi in our new apartment it won’t be so long till you hear from me again! I love you all for reading, and Happy St Patty’s! MWAH!!  //XO

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