Popculture and Media Influence

imageHELLLOOOOOO every one! Happy February& almost Valentine’s Day& ALMOST MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Sorry not sorry for the mush that’s about to come your way if you follow me on social media;)

SO! Today–I have a big topic I want to tackle. &This might be a series, because it’s a lot to discuss. But it might not. I’m kind of indecisive. haha So–as you saw from the title-I want to talk about pop culture and media influences on people. Now–I’m a consumer. As we all are. But I really consume media. Big time. I love reading and watching the news, and pop culture news, I love Elite Daily, I love YouTube, podcasts, and of  course the things I see on social media. There is a lot of positivity you can find on the internet. A lot of inspiration. I found two really inspiring articles online, that really show the positivity media can produce. One story was about a 90 year old man named Ernie Andrus. He is “running” from coast to coast. Currently he is in New Mexico. Let me say that one more time. HE IS NINETY YEARS OLD. That goes to show, it’s never too late to begin a journey on something you want to accomplish. Click the link to see his official website, or Google his name to read more articles about him. Ernie is one inspiring man. The other story is about a guy from my neck of the woods–Terrian Lakes. A Boston Children’s Hospital security worker, who WALKED from Dorchester to Boston during the Winter Super Storm–JUNO. He is a hero in my eyes. He knew the importance of his job, and made his commitment to those children, and showed up to work, on a day that would be perfectly acceptable to use a PTO.

Okay–so although those two stories are prime examples of the good the media can expose–today I want to talk about the bad, or the controversial if you will. Let’s start with a girl, who a friend of mine, Emily–spoke out about on social media. Her name is Romina Garcia. She’s become popular on social media–because of the video she posted, saying, “If your man hits you, STAY WITH HIM because HE LOVES YOU.” I’m not making that up. Go ahead–click on the link! But if you feel as strongly about this as my friend Emily and I do, you’ll be queasy. This girl has 168,000 followers on Facebook. Her video has been shared an OBSCENE number of times, and she was even featured on Dr. Phil. This message is out there for young girls in abusive relationships to see. It’s reinforcing the bad. It’s taking 40,000 steps back in women’s progress. I just can’t believe she truly believes what she’s saying. If she does–it’s a tragedy. If she doesn’t? Well, she is one example of a genius internet celebrity, who used a controversial (disgusting) topic to get noticed.

Next topic. Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne and Drake’s new song entitled, “Truffle Butter.” Now–yesterday on Facebook, I scrolled through and had seen that my boyfriend’s little sister’s boyfriend, (whew that was a mouth full!) and his older sister had posted something about “truffle butter.” Now–I had not the slightest clue as to what this meant. &It often makes me feel out of the loop, when I have no idea of the slang being used in my generation–Gen Y. So, I Googled it. An Urban Dictionary definition came up, and I near gagged. This was before I had any knowledge, that this was a song–I thought it was just a “Gotcha gag” posted by my boyfriend’s siblings. Once I was told it was a song–I listened to it, and looked up the lyrics. WOW. I mean, WOW. I used to be a HUGE Nicki fan, when I was in high school, not really understanding the content of her music, and thinking she was hilarious. A musical genius if you will. Now–after dissecting these lyrics, I don’t believe I’m a huge fan anymore, but a comment, made by my boyfriend’s sister got me thinking. She made a point to remind me–that I pride myself on being a feminist. Women are powerful, and strong, and sometimes catty–and I totally campaign about women needed to support EACH OTHER more. Now–I wasn’t intending to take a stab at Nicki. But–it did get me thinking–although the content of this song–and that definition is WIDLY inappropriate, Nicki, is a marketing genius. &That–I respect.

Lastly, I want to quickly talk about the new Sports Illustrated cover. Hannah Davis. Now–we could talk about the side of Hannah’s story that is the positive–she is a very successful model, and tennis player, and champion of the Caribbean Tennis Circuit! Or–the negative. Hannah’s cover evokes a lot of attention. She shows a lot of skin, so much so, that many people are deeming it “porn.” I for one, although I don’t believe the content is appropriate for children, think she is a stunning and successful woman, and the human body is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a beautiful thing. But the Yahoo News article did make a good point about, the fact that Sports Illustrated is sold in many a place, including grocery stores, so it becomes a conversation topic with our youth.

Media is a POWERFUL thing. No doubt. But when does the WOW factor become too much? When does (genius) marketing cross the line? I want to know what my readers think. Comment below, or let me know be it through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or what have you! &Happy February all!:-)


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