The Holiday Blues

It’s time for a little personal stuff this Christmas Eve. Now, we all like to think about Christmas as candy canes and gingerbread house making, smiles and cheery faces. But sometimes, as excited you can get about the holiday season, it can bring some Holiday Blues along with it. Sometimes people that you love very much are missing. &Even through all the sparkles and glitter, you can see the emptiness. The one less chair at the dinner table. The pain your mother is feeling. The amount that you want to watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the 801st time. My dad is the man who is missing in my family. &This year the pain is so real. I see how different things are. The pain in my mother and my brother’s eyes only intensifies the pain I am feeling. I admit, I spent the entire drive to my boyfriend’s family’s house in tears and spent about forty minutes breaking down in their bathroom. (No shame.) There are so many traditions missing. Reading The Night Before Christmas with mom and dad. The excitement of my dad with shaving cream on his face walking around the house impersonating Santa, and when we open gifts; Daddy putting each and every bow in my hair. Sometimes things happen, that no amount of lists, careful planning, or good intentions can help. Sometimes traditions end, and life must go on. I will always be cherry, and stay the happy person that I am. I will continually change, but I will also always stay the same. Someday Christmases will feel normal again, and we learn to let my daddy’s light shine through on special days like tomorrow. May every one of you have a blessed and Merry Christmas, and if you’re missing a loved one this holiday season; know that they are looking down on you.

“Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it’s wings.”-It’s a Wonderful Life


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