Christmas, Fur Vests and Karlie Kloss

Hello social media friends!:-) I’m back. Currently I just have a lot bouncing around in my mind, and I felt it would be best for me to make good use of this randomness, and post.

Christmas has always been a super exciting time of year for me. No matter how “jam packed” my schedule may get, no matter how grumpy the general public can be, and no matter the weather, I never lose my cheer. But this past week, I have just been so out of the spirit, and tired! I live just outside of Boston, and we have been getting a lot of rain. That’s what I’d like to blame it on, although–my boyfriend thinks I’ve maxed out my spirit. Normally, not to kill the Christmas spirit, I wait to start until December first. But this year I couldn’t help it, and before Thanksgiving I was blasting Bing Crosby and watching Elf. But as I look out my window right now, it’s snowing, and pretty and it’s giving me a little more hope to get back into it. I’m planning on FINALLY decorating the tree, going ice skating and baking to get myself back into the spirit. Let me know in the comments what your favorite Christmas/Holiday activities are!

PASSION. I can’t say enough about this topic. Gen-Y has been taught (mostly due to our failing economy) to give up on dreams and find “reasonable” jobs with decent pay and benefits. Which makes sense, but not if you dread going into work everyday. Your career takes up 80% of your life. So it’s so important to enjoy what you do. Not only will it decrease depression and anxiety levels, and just keep your mental (and even PHYSICAL) health in check, BUT–We unfortunately only get one, short life. Why not use your passion as your career, and make a mark in this world? I tend to try and surround myself with passionate people. Those who truly are passionate about their lives, and their work are so inspirational to me. They are why the world spins. Some of my favorite people, who (although aren’t in the even remotely same field/chapter of life as I) are so inspirational. My two favorite ladies; Karlie Kloss, and Taylor Swift. If anyone watched the VS Fashion Show, (I know I did, and felt like I needed to cut carbs for a year or two) you saw Karlie Kloss. My favorite thing about the fashion show, isn’t necessarily the “fashion” itself, but the back stories of the women–Karlie is so passionate in what she does, and takes so much pride, it’s inspirational. Taylor. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. She has been my idol, from the age of the 13 on. I watched her go from physically mailing CD singles in envelopes, and now, she has taken the music industry by storm, and in performances and interviews you can see the passion in her eyes and hear it in her voice for her art. &Last but certainly not least–Miss Kristen. My big brother Kyle’s beautiful girl friend, who is currently a dental hygienist with the goal of becoming a dentist. Although teeth kinda freak me out, I’ve never seen anyone speak with such passion (and hand movements;) about oral hygiene! Ladies (and gentleman) take notes, because living with out passion, is Christmas with out the gifts. What are you passionate about?

Now–here’s my little “sprinkle of fashion.” If you follow me on Pinterest (autumnbenson13) you know I have a new obsession with fur vests. This in particular is what I’m looking for, so if you can help me find it for a reasonable price, that would be awesome;) Also, this look is something I’m DYING to do for work. I just really want to find either a SUPER light weight flannel and sweater (although I loveee the cable knit look) or maybe a faux version of this. Because, it’s super cute, but I just think it could look a little bulky, and could possibly not be super flattering on me. Lastly..I NEEEEED a scarf like this one in my life. It’s almost like a blanket, and the blue is just magnificent. I think it could bring any plain outfit (maybe dark wash skinnies or leggings, and a white V-neck with some plain flats) a pop of color, and a little texture.

LASSSSST topic of discussion. Family. Family is such an underrated, and horribly defined thing. Family can mean “blood relatives” but–I have some blood family–who are strangers to me (by their own will) and some friends, who are as close as siblings. This is a time of year we spend with family and loved ones. Make your most of that time, and forget all of the “stress” that comes with the holidays. The amount of time we have on this Earth is not long enough–and as an American, we are such a busy culture in itself, it’s just so important to me to make time for everyone. When all else fails, those are going to be the people who are there to pick you back up. Love and cherish all of your time with those people. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays//xo

“The only ones who truly know your story–are the ones that help you write it.”





PS-Enjoy some photos of my beautiful niece I went to visit this past weekend:-)


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